Trim troubles

So I am using Keyboard, mouse, and Cyborg X joystick. I have no numpad on my keyboard it that matters.

Now I noticed that a lot of people ahve been havign issues with trim and I am one of them. Things always seem to go extreme, or too subtle.

I have tried a few things, using some buttons to raise the trim level up and down. I tried using my second throttle as well which seems to work ok, but it is hard to dial in perfectly.

I have a little wheel on the joystick as well (pretty much a clicky mosue wheel) but it seems to not do much at all.

I am having similar issues with the left-right trim as well. Always seem to be listing slightly left or right.

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I use a slider on the Warthog throttle and it too was too hard to use to start off with.
What you need to do is try using your analog wheel but set the “curves” for that wheel in the settings to adjust the sensitivity. I’m not near my MSFS computer so I can’t give more detailed instructions than that.

You will just need to play around with sensitivity until you get it where you like it.

Personally, I think the devs should consider adding an “auto-trim” button, at least for elevator trim. It is totally unrealistic, but trimming a real aircraft is really easy and takes a second or two. Our sticks don’t have back-pressure to release so it isn’t realistic anyway. I’ll add this to the wishlist forum.

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We can set curves in the ingame option? How did I miss that?
Trim sensitivity is k… has killed me several times already^^

The curves setting isn’t obvious but it is there.

I added my suggestion here:

The obvious problem with simming is that with non-force-feedback yokes, etc, there IS NO pressure on the yoke/stick to “feel”, thus complicating setting trim.

The only way left to do it is to adjust trim (assuming elevator trim) until the VSI zeros. Leave power constant and set trim to get the VSI at zero and you’re done. You can use the same technique for aileron trim using the turn and bank indicator. Trim for no bank - done.

That’s always the problem with flight sims - no pressure felt in the controls means you can’t use pressure to trim. It is, what it is.

Yeah, that is my point.
Even with that I do a lot of hunting which I don’t do in a aircraft. I have a curve that is working ok for me now so I know it is doable. However even with sensitivity turned way down I have to still hunt by moving my slider a fraction of a mm. What I have is OK, but it is still more annoying than reality.

But the other point is not everyone has an analog axis they can use. A lot of people are trying to use trim up/down buttons. That is often just awful. Many times you want to trim half a step but can’t or if the trim up/down is very fine, then it takes an age to get it where it needs to be.

I think my solution makes it better for everyone, regardless of controller.

I tried the analog wheel. But it is just seen as a seperate button if you go up and a different button if you go down.

Actually i notcied that ou can see your trim on the external view. The dang thing wasnt even working! So I need to try something else I think.

Are you sure you are setting the wheel to the “Trim Axis” and not to “Trim Up” and “Trim Down”?

It seems quite a few people are making that mistake.

Yes. They are assigned to Trim up and Trim down. I put them to the HAT in the middle (called POV up, down etc) and seems to work, though it is a bit slow. The wheel just doesnt want to work. Not sure why.

I didn’t say anything about buttons. I was talking about the wheel. If you assign your wheel to Trim Up and Trim Down it won’t work.

I dont think my wheel will work for that. If I scroll it up it sees it as a button press, and if I scroll it down it sees it as a different one. It isnt an axis.

OK, gotcha, so it isn’t an analog control. It is simply two buttons shaped like a wheel. Yeah two buttons even shaped like a wheel wont work.

yup, it is an old one though. Cant seem to change the programming. Maybe I can have it see it as the Numlock command for the keyboard. It would still be a button press over an axis though.

Or I could keep it as the second throttle, unless you think that would do better elsewhere.

I’m having trim issues and getting frustrated. A few times I’ve even adjusted my trim and why is it changing my throttle also? I’m constantly fighting the trim and have been unable to achieve level flight without having to hold elevator input.

I think you have throttle bound to the same as trim.

It doesnt do it all the time though. I’ll check it though. Thanks.

I have buttons assigned to elevator trim up and elevator trim down. Response is buggy. Sometimes pressing them does nothing. Other times, there’s lag, and then…BOOM! Off into outer space. It’s worse on some planes than others, but the issue seems universally present.

I find I have to hold the buttons in for a bit. The controller ones seem to work well. I have no numlock so I cant say how well those work.

I sometimes use the trim controls in the cockpit. But I seriously have to constantly be playing with those. .1 degree either side sends me flying off to that side. No straight on at all.