Triple screen users menu default

The default menu positions still need to be relocated to the center screen for triple screen users. Is this fix in the pipeline? Given the current situation with delays to the triple screen use we were promised before purchase, I hope at least this issue can get some quicker attention. Not least because every time we park at an airport the unwanted log book screen pops up and re-positions all pop-ups to the left monitor default again. As a result, we are constantly juggling pop-ups. It’s pretty frustrating!!!

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Native multi-screen is scheduled for 2022. It’s on the road map. That’s all anyone knows. At this point in time, multi-monitor is not supported at all, even though you can get it to work using nVidia Surround.

Yes, very far off. WideView is a good option if you have another PC. However, having the menus on the left creates problems. The default position should be reset to the center. Hence the above.

I certainly understand your predicament. But at this point in time, multi-monitor isn’t supported. THey’re unlikely to change their UI (which was totally built to be console friendly) to accommodate multi-screen users when said feature isn’t supported.

I’d even be surprised to see them get it right first (or second, or third) attempt when they do roll out multi-monitor support.

The position previously was centre screen. It changed to the left monitor with a recent update that also brought the menu distortions for triple users (now fixed). It needs to be reset to the previous centre position. Also, why would Xbox would benefit from having menus on the left. The can’t even use triples?

I didn’t realize this broke with the last update. If it was fine before, then they definitely broke it with the last update. Didn’t realize it had been working before the update. They likely have the boxes opening at an absolute position from the left of the screen. That’s probably how they “fixed” the stretched menus they broke in the previous update.

But that said, I can’t see them fixing this nonetheless since it only affects users with an unsupported setup.

And the positioning of things on the screen has nothing to do with XBox, even though this whole interface is built to be console-friendly.

There must be a way for the system to at least remember the positions when you change them? Let’s hope so. As for being console-friendly, can’t wait for that to be done and dusted. Hopefully then we can get more attention on improving MSFS2020 as a simulator driven by the best hardware. Console and simulator are oxymoronic.

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