Trouble Starting Engine Using Honeycomb Alpha

Just received my new Honeycomb Alpha yoke however when I turn the starter key to start the engine I get the turn of the prop but it never fires (trying this on C172). I have checked fuel setting, pump, etc. but no luck so far. Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing incorrectly or guide me through a fix if you have experienced this issue as well?

Sorry to ask but do you have the small cable plugged in from the yoke to the front panel. Do u see the switch move on the C172. What are the actions assigned to the switch that is used for the starter and out positons. This worked for me with the assigned actions by fs2020 but I removed them because I have the Saitek switch, however they are the same actions

I do have the cable from switch panel to yoke plugged in. When turning the switch on the panel it is activated in the cockpit, using default settings as from what I have read yoke has worked for most users out of the box plug and play.

Does it work on the DA 40. That is a little easier to start. I am wondering now if it is something else like the mixture being applied during start or something else. Congratulations btw the way, you love that yoke

You say the prop turns, so it cannot be the yoke setup.
If it’s the “Deluxe” C172 without a G1000, the fuel valve is closed per default.

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Yep I forgot about, good possibility

I will try the DA40 shortly and report back. It was the 172 w/o the G1000, thought I had the fuel selector and shutoff correct but not a bad idea to verify.

I will try run C172 now to check for you. I had problem before to run my other stuff with Honeycomb yoke. Do you use any throttle with this yoke?

I ordered the Saitek throttle quadrant, expecting delivery this afternoon. My plan is to purchase the Honeycomb Bravo as soon as it’s available to order.

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In Cesna fuel valve under the seat must be on before you put the engine start knob.
Working for me, just checked for you.

I’m using Rinno Throttle X56 also and sometimes I cannot run any GA aircraft without manually pushing up left side of throttle even where I done this in the airplane by muse (on this throttle this is the mixture). That’s why is important to understand how different stuff working together.

Honeycomb are soooooo gooooood! Enjoy!

My plan is selling the X-56 and buying the Bravo also <3

So I was able to get the engine started on the DA40 however in both the 152/172 after moving the switch to “start” and then after engine ignition when moving the switch back to “both” the engine cuts back off. Not sure why this happening in the Cessna’s?

I have the same problem with props and this yoke

Did you ever get this figured out? I have the same problem.

Has anyone figured out the issue with starting props and the honeycomb yoke?