Trouble with low utilization


I have a brand new CPU and I am new to Flight Sim. I have spent the last few days getting everything setup and I feel I have exhausted every previously posted solution to my problem.

Ryzen 7600X
32GB DDR5 5600

I have tried settings on Low all the way to Ultra and still have the same issue. When I run the monitor software my cpu max utilization is 10% and my GPU max is 50%. When I run the game I never see over 7% CPU and 30-40% GPU utilization. How do I get my GPU to actually operate at 90% and up???

I have tirelessly searched for answers. I have reinstalled about all the drivers…some multiple times. I have tweaked the settings on the Nvidia control panel and in the game…but no increase in utilization. I tried running the Ryzen optimizing software and I do not know what else to do.

Can someone possibly tell me what I may be missing???

Thanks in advance!

usually your TLOD setting is to high, stay below 200.

We have lots of existing topics about which you can find with the seach term: limited by mainthread

I agree with @MichaMMA to reduce TLOD. This shifts some of the CPU processing load to the GPU. Another way to increase GPU utilization is to upgrade your monitor. If your monitor is 1080p, upgrade to 2x. If your monitor is 2k, upgrade to 4k. Each upgrade makes the GPU work harder to send a lot more pixels for each frame.

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You can also bump renderscale or add more monitors

I have had the TLOD at 200 and below. Went down to 100 and the GPU utilization has gone down to the 30%s. I will check out the link you suggested. Thanks!

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Thanks. Maybe I am not understanding how my performance is effecting FPS.

I assumed…if my GPU utilization went up I would get more FPS…is this not the case?

If not…I guess it really does not matter in the grand scheme of things if I am averaging 40-60FPS???

MSFS performance is not a straight line having different curves and bends depending on hardware and graphics settings.

GPU utilization greater than about 90% should be delivering the highest FPS as it is sending to the monitor everything the CPU is sending to the GPU. Prior to SU10, my GPU was running at 95-100% utilization. SU10 has DLSS which I enabled. This dropped my GPU to about 65% and significantly increased my FPS. I probably could do some tweaking to add a few FPS but I am satisfied with the current performance. I’d rather spend my time flying!

Ok. Thanks for the clarification.

I think then I will leave it alone. Modified a few more settings and I am getting between 50-70FPS…but with really low CPU/GPU utilization. My monitor is 4K.

One last question - is there any way to get rid of the blurriness immediately around the plane or the blurry movement when moving over water?


There are some graphics settings like lens correction and motion blurring that might help. Also some people have reported some blurry artifacts with DLSS enabled. Changing back to TAA fixed the problem.

If you have 3080 or 90 on just a single display do not waste time with DLSS because your GPU doesn’t work hard enough as it is. DLSS will only result in you having to lower LOD and traffic settings even further to compensate for being cpu limited (mainthread).

Ok. I will try turning that off as well since my LOD settings are low and now under 100.

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That was the ticket. I thiught dlss was the only ticket but switching to TAA got rid of a lot of blurriness, FPS went up to over 100, and gpu utilization is in the 90s. Thanks!

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