Troublevwith control settings? Read this

For some time, I have been struggling to get my controls set up and sensitivities tweaked the way I would like them - without any success. My controls did consist of a Thrustmaster T1600M and a SAITEK X52 throttle quadrant. I said “did” because now I am using the X52 stick and throttle.
Then, I noticed something when working in the Controls area: When setting the axis for the ailerons and elevator, they were interacting with one another…you could see the white bar for the elevator moving even when moving the joystick in the aileron direction. As well, the aileron direction of the joystick caused the elevator to move. The twist grip for the rudder acted more like an on-off switch slamming the rudder left or right even with the smallest movement. So, come to find out that it was the joystick causing my headache - not the sim. I connected the X52 stick, and VOILLA! a brand new plane.
If you are experiencing control issues don’t for one minute blame the sim UNTIL you confirm that your control is not the issue.