"True to life" assist keeps changing to "custom"

Any thoughts as to why my assistance always changes from “true to life” as I have it set to “custom”? It is specifically being changed from the “user experience” section.

I’ve learned to not open or close any additional windows (i.e. ATC, checklist, of VFR map) as it changed the assist to custom. However, at some point during every flight (I check often to be sure I haven’t ruined my progress), it goes to “custom” and I can’t figure out why!

This is constantly ruining my chance at the “My Way” achievement and is super frustrating!

I noticed the same thing. When I tried to get these achievements, I minimized the Checklist and ATC windows instead of closing them.

Press the [_] button, instead of the [X] button

Right, I would minimize the windows which was working initially, as I would check the assistance tab in the ESC menu throughout the flight to be sure it stay on “true to life”.

At some point toward the end of my 350NM flight the user exp changed to custom thus ruining my “true to life” flight! Never closed any of the windows and never activated the co-pilot (for control or radios)! So frustrating!!!

Why does opening or closing a window adjust assistance?!

Why does opening or closing a window adjust assistance?!

Because spaghetti code. Same reason an avionics bugfix causes the VFR map to CTD when opened.

Is there a fix? What could I have possibly done to lose the “true to life” setting? I didn’t close anything…

I had the same problem with TRUE TO LIFE changing to CUSTOM, until I tried the suggestions found online of NOT closing the CHECKLIST and ATC windows. I minimized them, but did not close them throughout the flight, and I was finally able to unlock the MY WAY achievement.