Trying my luck at Lukla

Always a tricky one depending on the weather but I got in and out safe today.


Thanks for the reminder. I need to give this a try!

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Nice job. Did you fly from Kathmandu or somewhere else?

Yeah VNKT for departure.

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Nice one!! The environments there are so beautiful during the day. I’ve done it too but the conditions and my knowledge would probably make the more serious flightsimmers cringe.

Some backstory as to why...

This is the first flightsim I’m getting into and I don’t know much about rules, procedures etc. Trying to learn a little bit every day as I go along in the limited time I have.

I’m trying to do a tour around the world in the Daher TBM 930 while I do my corona remote working.

The rules I set myself are always live weather and time. Landings and take-off from cockpit view. Settings on mostly hard except for some map help, auto checklist while airborne and auto ATC. If I crash I need to restart the leg I was on.

Longer distances I do on autopilot using pause for situations that need my input until I have time to handle them.

So I know that Lukla is VFR only and only under the right weather conditions. Unfortunately there hadn’t been any recently. So at some point I just decided to give it an unrealistic shot and did it at night in cloudy conditions. Landing doesn’t exactly deserve a medal but nonetheless I was pretty proud on my second attempt.


Good effort mate. Of using real weather vest to head in there at dawn or late evening less cluds about

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That’s a bit of the problem, I can’t always play because I might be in (remote) work meetings. Best time for me is in the afternoon and one of my rules for this world tour is always use live time (and weather). My physical location makes it that by then it’s night time over there :smiley:

I’d love to give that a shot sometime though, trying to plan it in such a way that I’m getting actual conditions that would be real life suitable.

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Respect! Good one.

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