Trying to get a handle of the way the electrical system

battery.1 = Connections:bus.2#Capacity:42#Voltage:curve.1#Name:Main_Battery
alternator.1 = Connections:bus.2#iEng:0#RatedVoltage:28#Load:curve.2#Name:Alternator_Left_ENG
alternator.2 = Connections:bus.3#iEng:1#RatedVoltage:28#Load:curve.2#Name:Alternator_Right_ENG
externalpower.1 = Connections:bus.2#RatedVoltage:28#Load:1200
curve.1 = 0:21, 0.1:22.5, 0.5:24, 0.9:24.5, 1:24.8 ; Battery voltage for capacity %
curve.2 = 0.1:0, 0.15:50, 0.30:75, 0.8:80 ; 80 amps

Is this trying to tell me that the battery is connected to bus2 and when the battery is on only bus2 devices are powered up?


That would be plausible.

circuit.9 = Type:CIRCUIT_PITOT_HEAT#Connections:bus.1#Power:30, 40, 20.0# Name:Pitot_Heat ; pitot_heat 40W

CIRCUIT_PITOT_HEAT is connected to bus 1
so in this part Power:30, 40, 20.0# “40” is the power used anybody have a clue where I might find the definition for the 30 and 20.0 ?


Were you able to find an answer regarding those definitions? I’m trying to figure those out as well.

Most of that stuff is in the system.config file and is documented in the sdk help file
I’d like to know where or how can we turn on a light and have the amp meter reflect that

Same here, I’ve been randomly making wild changes to that file and I can’t seem to make the amp draw change on the Caravan. I see where the comment shows what appears to be watts but I can’t figure out the other two numbers. They changed it slightly from the fsx/P3D format. I’ve upped each of those numbers for a listed item by a factor of 10 to 100 and no effect on the amps. Puzzled.

It was not implemented in fsx, that’s why I lost interest.

Its complex, not very clear, but is actually quite powerful, in that you can define with those 3 values, quite a complex power requirement definition – from purely resistive load, to constant power loads, or a combination, as well as defining at what voltage the device being powered stop working. All 3 values tend to interact with each other, so it is difficult to easily determine what the values should be – but it can be done :woozy_face: