Trying to get VR to work

So, got my Reverb G2 today, but struggling to get it to work in MSFS.

I run the game from my PC - not steam. I have the windows mixed reality portal running, and when I launch MSFS and select VR mode from the options I go into a VR space, but with the game (which at this point is just the VR mode screen) behind me and a dialogue telling me to press the VR Camera Reset key. Problem is, nothing is set for that key, and when I click on it before entering VR mode am not able to set a key - or indeed any of the VR options, and in VR the options page is ‘locked’ behind the aforementioned dialogue.

I’m obviously doing something wrong. Hopefully someone will be able to tell me what?

You’re better off moving this question to the dedicated VR subsection of the forums.

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Thanks - Sorry, wasn’t aware of that section.

I have in fact figured out what was wrong. Those keys need to be set in the Controls section and then show up in the VR mode section (and need to be saved there also). Am now in cockpit in VR… :+1:

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