Tulips from Holland, where they come from, how to get there

This location is near the small city of Leiden in the Netherlands. Quite unique for its colors. As a passenger on a 747 when you fly from Heathrow into Schiphol Amsterdam, with a little luck (clear wheather) passengers can see the Dutch tulips…

0. Download the scenery

, thanks flightsim.to for publishing this nice scenery… (48k, my smallest Community directory sofar)

1. Get the coordinates in

To visit the tulips from Holland in a convenient way without bothering Schiphol bureaucrats for takeoffs, I’ll show how to set up a flight from this exact location TO Amsterdam instead.

On the flightsim.to website, you will find the decimal coordinates of the scenery location, copy them and use them in World Search… as follows…

2. Set up your point of arrival

… eg to Schiphol, nearby

3. Create sunshine, choose your airplane, set a cruising height (NAV LOG)

…set daylight, nice clear wheater (rare here) choose your favorite touristing aircraft, and check the NAV LOG, don’t start at a cruising height of 7500m that is quite dull…

4. click Fly

… turn slightly left, elevator down, you’ll see this

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