Tunnel exclusions for car traffic it not working anymore

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Yes, but is not relevant

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Tunnel exclusions for car traffic is not working anymore:
Before SU10, there ( likely) where exclusions in the OSM road network everywhere there is a tunnel. Those exclusions avoided cars to spawn on the ground or on the sea/river

With SU10 the exclusions don’t work anymore. Also adding the exclusions in a project in Dev Mode doesn’t work anymore

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)

41.0045644 28.9922819 Instabul Euroasia tunnel
This is just one example, other places can be New York Hudson River, or KLAX or LPMA if you want something airport related

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Overfly tunnels

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SU10 stable

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Same here.



Holland Tunnel at Hudson River, New York.

So look like we have to wait a bit for the issue to be fixed

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Please apologize,
This is not a bug related to the sdk
the bug is tied into the sim since SU10 stable
, it is quite obvious from the screen above that there are no project loaded
(The bug affects the SDK too, making it unable to do manual exclusions, but is not triggered from it)

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Yes I agree LSGG traffic crossing runway that should be in a tunnel on 3rd party airport.

Also Munich EDDM road traffic visible on taxi ways definitely ok SU9

Hope it’s sorted immersion breaking…. Arghh