Turboprop beta range - again

Now it seems that beta range is implemented in the sim (at least to a certain degree) since both the Kodiak and the new TBM 930 from WT have it. Anyways, the one thing I notice is that moving in and out of beta seems very slow. When using beta to slow the plane down, when you put it out of beta it takes several seconds before the “braking” stops and you get a forward push from the propeller. Same thing the other way around. I’m an ex Dash 8 pilot and I’ve never seen this behavior in a Dash 8. Moving in and out of beta or disc is immediate without any delays. This makes it easy to control taxi speed by moving the power levers within beta range (disc).

Any real pilots in here willing to share their opinions?


I would love to see some work from Asobo or third party developers on the whole subject of turboprop engine modelling as it is so sorely lacking at present. It would make a seismic improvement for me certainly as well as countless others.


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