Turboprop Profile Setting will CTD at Cold & Dark unless Throttle 1 is Mapped and RPM/Prop and Mix UNMapped

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Have you used Developer Mode?
PC Specs:
Ryzen 5, RX580 8GB VRAM, 16GB System RAM
So far, any Turboprop PT-6 Aircraft - tested and repro’d with Vertigo (Modded VL-3) and Asobo TBM 930
Area of the World / Flight Plan:
Any - but repro’d Cold & Dark at ramp startup
Airport (If applicable):
Any - but repro’d Cold & Dark at ramp startup
3rd party addons you were using at the time (Mods/add-ons/community content)
GotGravel Vertigo (which mods an Asobo VL-3 into a PT-6A equipped engine) and Asobo TBM 930 with and without MugzMod Performance Mod
Flight Velocity Trim Wheel, Logitech/Saitek Throttle Quadrant, Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick, XBox Controller
Feedback/Bug Description:

For any Turboprop equipped aircraft (for purposes of sim, they are all PT-6 engine code logic), if your throttle hardware has a profile that includes an active mapping to:

  1. Throttle
  2. a Mixture and a Prop/RPM,

the sim will crash using a Cold & Dark setup the moment you press Fly Now.

The solution is to Map Throttle 1 instead of Throttle, and UNMAP RPM/Prop and Mixture.

Additionally, once you are in cockpit, an occasional crash will occur if the throttle is set to Zero - there has to be at least a few percentages of torque applied (equivalent to Taxi if available) to mitigate this exception.

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[ ] Multiplayer session or [ ] solo flight
Multiplayer settings: [ ] Live Players [ ] All Players [ ] Group Only
Weather settings:
Any weather (tested in Live WX)
Server: [ ] East USA [ ] North Europe [ ] West USA [ ] West Europe [ ] SE Asia
East USA
(PC) Are you using DX12?: No

I fly the TBM, SWS-Kodiak, MillViz-PC6 and Asobo-PC6 and do not see CTD’s CURRENTLY… but its a delicate dance! I know that creating a Navigraph a FlightPlan and loading it will cause a CTD on all three planes and on occasion SPAD also seems to cause stability issues in the SIM at times. Cold and dark for me is not causing problems nor does using live Weather (mostly) but some combination of weather conditions does cause CTD’s but I have no idea what precisely. My Asobo PC6 SPAD config uses Throttle_Set for the power lever and have no problems with throttle zero. My other newer SPAD profiles do use SIMCONNECT:Throttle1_Set and likewise see no problems.