Turbulence in VR... is it there?

I dont know you but I stopped playing 2D since I got my G2 and is VR all the way… but, since this new experience I hardly feel any turbulence when I am flying now… has this been dummed down or something?

It’s still there, but now it’s less noticeable since you’re FOV is your entire view versus just your monitor.

Need an xprealistic type plugin for MSFS.

When i went all in VR for MSFS2020 I added a Buttkicker under my seat, using the Simshaker for Aviators module. Can confirm, once you get it dialed in, it adds pretty sweet turbulence haptic feedback. Made me jump a few times when i suddenly hit turbulence on a few otherwise chilled flights! As an aside Buttkicker was a fantastic addition for me. Not too pricey, easy to set up, and really took my VR immersion to the next level.

Just wanted to add that you don’t necessarily need simshaker aviators, ingame audio does this just fine, also has arguably better ground and landing effects. But you have to use voicemeeter and apply some eq curves, mostly +18db all the way from 25 to 65 hz, and over 70 flat, or the propeller sound will overpower other effects.

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