Turbulence & Presets

Is there a preset that I can make or something to do to make the turbulence either more shaky and faster, or a way a preset that has super turbulent patches with like thunder and lightning. Thanks!

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Yeah, you can set a wind preset with 80 knots, and 40 knots gust with the opposite direction at short but multiple frequency bursts.

But I’m not sure if the gusts option is enabled now.

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Not yet, it will be in SU6 according to the devs.


Thanks for your help guys, and when is SU6 @sydicek ?

SU6 is set to release at the 21st of October if I’m not mistaken.
The devs are also working at thermal and convective turbulence, but we’ll have to wait for 2022 until we’ll see that.

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Yesterday I was landing in Tokyo onn B747-8, and wind was around 86-87 knots. That was an experience

The airmass simulation does some of this, technically. For example Going through storms I have seen the plane gain and lose altitude in updrafts and downdrafts. Sometimes even going up to -800fpm for a second. If you could feel the crazy sinking in your stomach and the rising you would definitely call this “turbulence” But it will be cool to see if they make it translate a bit better over a medium where you can’t feel things like this

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You are correct that the downdrafts and updrafts are there. But they are currently limited, because people were complaining about being tossed around like a paper plane inside severe convection.

Also, the downdrafts are just that - downdrafts. Turbulence is more like sudden jolts rather than a steady increase/decrease in vertical speed:
https://youtu.be/IKEcA3hNKsQ?t=1244 (20:44 timestamp)

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Yes, exactly! I was especially talking about when you enter clouds, if you’ve been in a plane you would know that feeling whilst seeing the fast passing clouds and feeing the intense short shaking, just feels magical. https://youtu.be/8YNYKpRM8gk

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