Turbulences have been reduced by 90%

Per the release notes:

Per feedback, turbulence & drafts have been reduced by 90% at 0kts wind speed and 50% at 1kts wind speed (no change above 3kts wind speed). turbulence and drafts have also been reduced by 50% at high altitudes

Honestly, I never had much of an issue with the turbulence in SU9, but it seems WAY stronger to me in SU10. The 152 is almost unflyable anywhere you get mechanical turbulence on approach. I tried it at St. Barts, which was a lot more difficult after SU9; now it’s nigh-on impossible. Same at Anguilla (TQPH) where you get a lot of mechanical turbulence coming into RW11.

I also noticed that in the G1000 172 and the TBM (both stock, unmodded) that the airspeed indicators twitch. Even in cruise flight at 16,000, over water with winds of 10 knots at altitude, the ASI was just jumping up and down from 204-208 knots. Never had any period of a steady airspeed, which just isn’t realistic in what should be no turbulence and light winds. And the plane was jittery.

TL,DR: turbulence seems like it’s been turned UP, not down.

Cross check with the Meteoblue Maps for reported gusts, as those are part of live weather now. Windy dot com also has maps showing wind speeds and gusts for different altitudes.


Quick way to find some “bad” weather: https://www.badbadweather.com/


When we say overdone, please show why it’s overdone. Just telling it’s overdone is not constructive at all. I know for example the gusts they introduced in live-weather in su10 maybe is too frequent. But i can’t tell for sure. I think the frequency is increasing with airplane speed and that is correct but it increasing too fast in “my” opinion. I need to test it more.

You mention in cruise at 16000ft gusts should be less but a varied windspeed of 2kts up and down i think is realistic. Maybe the frequency is too high there too and makes it feels like stuttery movements.

I think Asobo should add a toggle for those features. But do not remove it for all of us.


We practically didn’t have any turbulence before.

I haven’t noticed much of it but it would be nice to have it in the sim.


If you read what I wrote I did: mechanical turbulence.

What a step backwards !!! Arbitrary , forced “GAME” rules !!!

Did any of the "Feedback specifically ask for these arbitrary “rules” ??



Yes sorry, i will check that. I think i felt the same. I had a really heavy downdraft when i came in for landing and flown over a slope in the terrain. Maybe the terrain changes the airflow too much?

Agree 100%. I think the feedback asked for a toggle to turn thermals off? But i think that forced game rule was meant to be until the CFD is increased to 20KM or something?

That could be! I had the same. Big downdrafts, along with big updrafts.

To me what it should be is not 50% less here, 10% more there, it should be the airplanes as designed correctly interacting with the environment as it is. It should be a rag-tag of tweaks based on a bunch of opinions. It should be a system of weather and aircraft design and data points that is accurate.


Do you honestly think there’s anything dynamic about it? Never, they’re completely random and hardcode, I’ve tested them often enough.

That’s why it has to be possible to set up a slider there. So they will never find a middle ground.

About what? The mechanical turbulence is dynamic. Those are caused by uneven terrain. The gusts are not or depends on how you see it. It’s a random graph generating it dynamic, gusts are not static or mechanical turbulence is not static. I don’t really know what you mean. I agree a toggle/slider would be possible to disable it if we want to. But only Asobo knows for sure. Adding a slider is much better than removing it for all of us. I also would like to tune those to how i like it. I’m not against that.


I have to correct myself here folks. I was wrong. I went flying today in my Cherokee doing approaches for instrument currency, and it was every bit as rough and churlish as the sim. I guess maybe we expect the sim to be more relaxing and laid back, but boy was I fighting it today. Never straight and level really.

So I admit: I was wrong.


There’s naturally going to be some randomness in wind gusts, but all atmospheric forces right now are dynamic. Winds are based on an atmospheric flow simulation by meteoblue, or “live” METAR data, which are both dynamic. Mechanical turbulence is dynamic, because it’s based on the winds and terrain. The thermal updrafts and downdrafts are dynamic because it’s based on the position of the sun, the colors in the satellite images and the amount of sun hitting the surfaces. None of these are just random and they can all be tested. All these atmospheric forces are simultaneously pushing on the various surfaces of the plane,so naturally they would be hard to isolate and measure individually in a real life flight, so I would imagine there’s a lot of room for tweaking to get everything right.


Before my first GA flight (passenger only) my only experience was in flight simulators. A friend of mine offered to take me on a quick flight over LA county when he found out that I was into flight simulation. He warned me upfront that although the winds feel calm it’s going to be bumpy since it was a hot sunny day during the summer. I had no idea what he meant because that was never depicted in the simulators I used. I assumed that if the winds were calm then the flight would be calm… Boy was I wrong. We got flung around so much just from thermal turbulence that it actually freaked me out pretty bad. My heart was racing, I was clenching, and frankly I was looking forward to landing. At times it felt like the twilight zone ride at Disneyland, where you feel like you’re falling and climbing rapidly, but at weird angles. After our first flight he had to convince me that he was in control the entire time and I was never at risk, and then he explained to me how pilots deal with it and that it’s an important element of flight in a light aircraft that you should factor in when planning your flights. Literally every flight we took in the LA area was like that.


I don’t follow weather reports closely enough to know if the gusts are accurately modeled in SU10beta, but I have been wondering about two things regarding the planes’ reactions to gusts / turbulence:

  • Is inertia still absent? The planes really twitch quickly between axes as if they have virtually no mass.

  • Is the ‘twitching’ tied to the centre of gravity? Looking at planes from outside, it seems they’re almost rotating around a fixed point in turbulence. (Don’t know if this is actually realistic behaviour)


Ya know that is an excellent question. Because you’re right, I’ve seen the 152 get jerked from full left lock on the yoke to full right.

Excessive turbulence / Terrible

I am very sad that users were not given the opportunity to fly without turbulence. Why didn’t we get a slider? I would like to fly without turbulence and admire the landscape and buildings. Adding a turbulence slider costs nothing in my opinion. There are a lot of users who just want to enjoy flying, love to play and not toss and turn like a ship in a stormy sea.

Please add turbulence strength adjustment slider. The user decides if they want turbulence…

Exaggerated turbulence, gusts…

Thank you for your work!

Until they make it optional, you can always use the drone or developer camera to look at the scenery if that is your singular goal. You can look from any angle at any speed at your own leisure.