Turbulent wake left by airplanes?

Hello, I don’t know if it’s me, it’s that the planes of both players and AI don’t leave a turbulent wake when they take off or land, and neither do the plugin traffic of 3 example Vatsim etc…
Have you noticed it or do you know if they are working on it?
or directly we do not have a turbulent wake

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They’re working on a new CFD model that’s coming in SU9 which will technically enable wake turbulence.
How /if this gets implemented is not yet clear though. I would assume it would have a toggle at least to avoid possible abuse in multiplayer at least.


Thank you for your answer, I hope it is well simulated, if I understand you that in the multi it can be a complication since people start flying around small planes with a combat plane, it has happened to me several times that I think it cannot be avoided

I also wanted to ask about the wake of water when it accelerates and from the wheels, as well as the condensation on the wings or propellers, do you know anything about that?