Turning right

Hello! Just happens that never has happened before. After aircraft picks up speed to take of, it turns right…
Any suggestions appreciated - Thank you

You’re probably experiencing crosswind.

Could you say what aircraft and the runway direction and wind vector?

No…It is not that…

Check you’re on the ‘modern’ flightmodel then, not on one of the legacy ones.

Something in the controls is stuck my friends…

OH yes ! I’’ check that in a moment and I’ll tell you!

Where do I FIND THAT SETTING COULD YOU REMIND ME? OK it is in “Flight Model” let’s try now! --NO it is not that. It is as if the vertical wing is stuck…Neither rudder is stuck…(there is no wind whatsoever)

guess it’s time to check your calibration (in windows), and sensitivity settings/deadzones in game then. Might be hardware error.

You are right! I fixed it! Thank you!