Turning the knobs

Getting the various settings right with the inner and outer knobs is a real pain particularly if you are in turbulence and wearing head tracking gear. Wonder if anyone has come up with an easier way to input these settings?


Sorry for the vague answer but i have not tried it myself and have only seen something about it and therefore i speak from memory.

You can somehow have a key/combination that selects the knob and then you can use ctrl+ and ctrl- to adjust the setting. I hope someone with more insight will answer too.


I am using Logitech (Saitek) MCP & Radios with SPAD.next plugin!
I bought them since days of FSX and they are great!!

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Now that’s a solution! I have given some thought into making it a Raspberri Pi project. If Saitek can control it there should be a way.

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But does it control the FMC knobs on the G1000?

Don’t know if it does but those are the ones you really need.

I mapped those controls to the keyboard.

The FMS knob (which is not keyable) is very important in the G1000 for interacting with your flight plan. It is awkward enough to dance around the inner and outer knobs to make it do what you intend, but it is extra hard using a mouse with small targets that are closely spaced and a bouncy cockpit.


If only the TrackIR pause function was working as expected… But this may be fixed soon.

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Yes it would. I have the Trackir but didn’t try the pause because it was flagged here as a problem.

TrackIR pause works fine for me…the one mapped to F9 yeah?
There are also some CTR + INS/ DEL hotkeys for AP functions that help

For most users, TrackIR Pause (yes F9 by default) works like one second, and then the view resets automatically to the neutral viewpoint on the panel.

But bear in mind TrackIR pause/disable is just that it is related directly to a function of the TIR software. If it is the TIR software that re-centre’s itself when disabled then that’s kind of where the issue is rather than flight sim.

What would be a great solution was a feature chaseplane provided in P3D, when you hovered the mouse over a knob/switch it was momentarily disable all movement effects so you could interact with cockpit much easier.


Yes you are right but I really dislike having to hold down multiple keys to make something happen. I did a little research and now have a Raspberry Pi emulating a keyboard so with a bit of programming should be able to have touch screen buttons for the functions that are offered.

I agree with you OP, with TrackIR its so annoying. Many people recommend pausing or making a pause-like profile for when you are twisting knobs that to me that nullifies the point of head-tracking. I made a post on the suggestion page that requested a “Hold button to lock cursor” option so that if you say - hover over a switch/knob and hold MOUSE 4 or something it will lock it into position until you let go.

Its been upvoted once, by me :smiley:

An excellent suggestion which would help everyone. I’ll see if I can find it and add my vote.

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Not fault of TrackIR. Pause works well in other sims. FS2020 is resetting the view.


Pausing headtracking works perfectly here with DelanClip and OpenTrack. I have track pause assigned to the TAB key on the keyboard and one tap and it freezes the head track.

There is still small movement from inertia and turbulence. Does anyone know if it is possible to map a key to disable those temporarily?

Yeh, maybe I did not word my post the best way. What I meant was that I thought the pause function of TrackIR is doing exactly what it is designed to do… but I was thinking that when it was paused it may re-centre the view until unpaused again. Hence if that had been the case there would be little that could be done with the sim to overcome the issue - not the case of course!

Was away from the PC at the time, but have just checked for myself so I can now see/clearly understand what’s actually happening. :+1:

If a third party developer (Chaseplane) was able to temporarily disable the effects of turbulence whilst hovering the point pointer over buttons/switches, I would kind of hope Asobo could achieve the same in FS.
Although it sounds almost to simple a fix, it works extremely well to overcome this annoying issue when flying in bumpy conditions.

I think it should be the other way around, The mouse pointer should move synced with the physical camera effects. That way you can still keep the effects and comfortably interact with virtual cockpit. It can also be expanded to accommodate track IR, by including head movements to that equation.

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