Turning VFR Map Toolbar Off then On resets flight plan to default

When the VFR Map toolbar is changed from OFF to ON it resets the current flight plan to the default flight plan for that flight.

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Setup a flight plan in the World Map and press Fly Now. Once loaded enter a new flight plan, toggle the VFR Map Toolbar off then on, watch the flight plan change back to the original one you loaded the flight with.

This behaviour also appears to occur when toggling VR mode on or off while the toolbar is active. When the toolbar is off, toggling VR mode does not cause the same issue.

This I find to be a very useful post as it answers an issue I was experiencing in VR.

Can I ask if you have filed this bug with zendesk?

I have not yet, been away from my gaming pc since getting confirmation on the VR aspects, will be submitting to zendesk within the next 48 hours.

Thanks, please do.
I have also submitted it to Zendesk, after verifying everything you said. It may require a few of us to submit it to Zendesk in order to speed up the priority they attach to fixing the coding issue. (The work-around of disabling VFR Map in the toolbar works fine for the associated VR issue but it will be better if they can fix the underlying code issue)

I have a similar issue where the workaround provided here fixes my problem as well:

In my case the plane returns to the previous waypoint after enabling VR mode. Disabling the VFR map in the toolbar seems to have solved this problem.

I received a reply from Zendesk today confirming that this issue has been added to their internal bug tracker.

Hopefully we will see a fix in a future update.

I injured imagine the impact on VR should hopefully push this pretty high up the priority list.

I have this problem also when simply the VFR map is open.
For example: I start in PC Monitor mode, start flying, open the VFR map… (toolbar is not visible, I simply press “V”).
Then I get the VFR map.
When I now switch from PC monitor mode to VR mode, my whole flight plan get’s reset.
Super annoying.

Any work-arounds that I miss?

From the toolbar click on the gear picture to get the options menu, click beside VFR Map to turn off that tool bar. That will allow you to toggle between VR and monitor modes without reseting your flight plan. Keep in mind if you turn the toolbar back on during the flight, that also will reset your flight plan.

@Raynen Ok so basically you say I can’t use the VFR map at all?
Because turning it off simply means: I can’t use it…
I don’t really understand why to turn it off when this simply results in not using it.
Why turning it off when it simply means not to use it?
Sorry maybe I missunderstand something

Maybe I missunderstand you @Raynen, but from what I see, the problem is much bigger.
You also can’t start in PC monitor mode, pull up the ATC menü (NOT the VFR map), start your flight, communicate with ATC, fly your plan in autopilot… and when you then jump into VR mode, the whole flightplan get’s reset.
Even when you did not use VFR map at all. Only ATC.
Gosh I wish we would have a product that just works. All these work-arounds are so incredibly annoying.

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Add me to the list of customers who experienced this issue when switching to/from VR. And as indicated above, removing the VFR Map from the toolbar resolved the issue.

Still not fixed.

Asobo/MS the scenery looks good enough as it is. It’s time to stop putting all the effort into your ‘world updates’ and start putting more focus onto the aircraft systems/flight model (specifically airliners)

The balance of those two is way off right now

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