Turns out you CAN toggle the taxi ribbon ON/OFF in-flight ;o)

I’d rather not repeat the post I just made, so here it is for you over at AVSIM:



Yeah, I think it was added in the recent update.

Does ATC need to be turned on too to use this? I fly without ATC (actually I use Pilot2ATC) and it would be nice to have a pointer to a parking spot when I get on the ground.

No, it does not.
It is independent from ATC
If you don’t want the other junk this turns on, and you don’t mind having the taxiway route arrows always on, you can do that from the main options menus

In P2ATC when you are clear of active and handed over to ground, request taxi to parking, etc…

Once you get your route click on “taxiway” and it will give you the map with a line guiding you.

I do review the Pilot2ATC taxi instructions but the lines and the airport map it shows seldom match up. I usually look at the Pilot2ATC map then over to little nav map to try and get a guess as to where they are sending me.

What I like about the taxi ribbon is it will take you to a one-wand marshaller and a valid parking spot and the Pilot2ATC ground never complains when I just go wherever I want to!

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PF3 usually does a pretty good job, sometimes multiple runways confuse it, but the TGS and the voice commands are pretty immersive overall.

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