Turtle Beach Velocity One

Just saw this announced today.
May be of interest for some MSFS users.

Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System Features


Very interesting design, and the price almost half of honeycomb with the throttle built in!

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I wouldn’t be too quick to jump on that until it’s properly reviewed by reliable sources. That’s a LOT of functionality for not a lot of money. That doesn’t bode well for quality IMHO. I tend to lean in favour of the “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” mantra. Not saying it’s going to be bad, but to be able to package all that in a setup that cheap, corners had to be cut somewhere.

That said, it looks like Logitech are going to have to pull their heads out of their collective ■■■■■ and come up with something better than the 15+ year old stuff they bought out from Saitek. They may have been the only game in town (outside of boutique stuff) for many years, but now competition’s knocking. And their old stuff just isn’t cutting it any more.


This does look very intriguing though, but yes like you I would like to see real world reviews first. Even though this is made for Xbox there shouldn’t be any issues getting it set up to work with PC though. definitely going to keep an eye out on this and see how it does.

It is specified as “Windows 10” too.

Indeed. If it turns out to be reasonably precise and durable, this could be a good alternative or folks not wanting to dish out the higher price for Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo combo.

But like I said, it’s game over for Logitech yokes with these new products coming out.

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Agreed. Logitech and TM have pretty much sat on their hands for a decade relying on their brand recognition and distribution channels to shift their kit.

But the landscape is changing. It’s even hard to describe Honeycomb or VKB as “boutique” vendors any more and even the likes of Virpil and Slaw have up-scaled their business.

Anyone that describes Honeycomb as “boutique” doesn’t know what the word means. They’re delivering a good quality mass market product with a lot value for not a whole lot of money. Comparably, it’s cheaper than a Logitech setup. With the Alpha and Bravo, you have the equivalent of a Logitech yoke, 2x throttle quadrants, switch panel, and AP panel for significantly less money.

Boutique is when you’re talking something like the Yoko which costs 3-4x the price of the Alpha. It’s not a mass market product. That’s more of a niche product. And most of those high end boutique brands are scaling up because prior to MSFS, they had very limited number playing FSX/P3D and XP. Now there’s a much larger market looking or their wares.

In any case, I’m kind o hoping Logitech get their ■■■■■ kicked hardcore in the flight sim peripheral category. THat’s what happens when you get complacent in this type of market.


I guess it will probably be comparable to the entry-level Thrustmaster or Logitech stuff.

Looks interesting, to be honest. Quite compact! I like a tidy desk.

The fact that they put the rudder on buttons tells me whoever designed this doesn’t really know much about flight simulators.

For the price, I’d have lost some of the frills (like, what the hell do you need an annunciator panel on the yoke for?) and added proper pedals.

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I actually missed those, haha. I suppose their primary market is Xbox players. Sort of makes sense?! :sweat_smile:

Hi there,
I have moved your post to the Peripherals section. This is where discussions of yokes, throttles, etc. takes place.

I don’t honestly think it makes sense. The old T.Flight Hotas One by Thrustmaster made for Xbox that costs $80, released with Ace Combat 7 is probably better for flying than this thing, at least it has the rudder on a twist axis, that’s 100 times better than buttons.

More than Xbox players, this seems tgo be made for people that don’t know anything and are blinded by frills. I know a lot of Xbox players that are very selective with their control options and would frown at this, a lot.

I really hope people new to simulation aren’t gonna waste $350 on something fancy without even knowing if they’re going to enjoy it. Start small and cheap, then in case expand.

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Let’s hope it’s good and that the appealing price is due to scale expected from new xbox users. Very interesting indeed.

Nicely priced at $350

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a controller with both lever, and vernier throttle functions. I hope this sells well for them, and that it isn’t cheap junk. I know of TB from audio circles, so this is uncharted waters for them.


Yeah, and my experience with Turtle Beach is exactly that. Cheap plastic stuff that is not even good.
I dont know why so many “gamers” think their headsets are good, they just are not.

Honeycomb have proven that their Yoke is absolutely outstanding for the price, it really is so ■■■■ good, you realise only when you have tried it that the Saitek/Logitech one was absolutely bad. I had one for about 10years but the Honeycomb is just something else.

If they can keep up with the Honeycomb, im not too sure, especially considering all the features they packed in for this price. But “gamers” like colored LEDs and stuff. :slight_smile:
Im sceptical…

Also when a new player on the market makes bold claims like this, with absolutely ignoring the other high-quality products that are on the market since decades and far above the quality they can provide, i smell BS:

Developed by world-class aeronautical professionals, the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System offers the most immersive, authentic flying experience on the market.

Have they even heard about Brunner, VirtualFly and the likes? Probably not…

But they have very intelligent features in it, i just think that the compromise is made how the yoke feels.

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i am pretty sure logitech and tm will get more stuff out for the xbox market, its a huuge
market…soo thats good, for now i think i a good hotas like the x56 will do fine, ofcourse
the warthog is premium, but at a price.

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“Boutique”? Has anyone priced Virtualfly?

“Virtual Fly | Professional Flight Simulators and Controls” Virtual Fly | Professional Flight Simulators and Controls

For the price of a VF yoke or a throttle set, I haven’t spent enough yet on all the hardware I’ve bought, to date, for MSFS. :sunglasses:

There’s a whole range of hardware makers out there, it’s just some have better word of mouth and brand recognition than others.

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As a VF owner, I can attest to their cost, and build quality. All metal construction, and high precision parts. Never tried their rudder pedals though.

The TB is obviously not in the same league, but its an incredible price. If it can equate or surpass something like a Logitech setup then I think they should consider that mission accomplished.

If the build quality, and spec. can approach the Honeycomb kit, all the better.