Tutor, not Tutorial

Great times with FlightSim over the years !

As a 37 (true) yr. veteran of simming, just a thought… … a business opportunity… ?

Truly talented “younger” generation 'simmer’s, enjoying & using MSFS, understanding MSFS capabilities and features: …what if…

… A community of experienced users that could offer “1-on-1” training (local) with basic tweaking of individual system setups, along with tutorial advice on the basic software (MSFS) features that less experienced users could easily use - and enjoy - if instructed ?

Not suggesting the “business” could try to dictate major revisions to individual systems, but I bet there are many “sophisticated” simmers that could provide general “feature focused” tips to other users that could enhance the sim experience.

Fee - what would you pay ? … or is simming just a “learn as you go”, package ?

Cheers !

The forum has a similar role called “co-pilots”. This role is open from welcoming new members to assisting. Some of our co-pilots will do group flights.

If you are interested in becoming a co-pilot, the application is here:

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