[Tutorial] How to get airliners traffic closer to reality with real liveries

My KLAS is almost empty.! Nothing like this.!

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Its the static aircraft package. The AI cannot detect which gates are open, if you want that removed, then you’ll see a drop in aircraft in that continent.

Thank you for your Information’s and help. Really appreciated.

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Well that sucks.

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you are welcome!

I have the traffic working but the planes are still flying in the generic A330 and generic livery. How can I fix this?

After a bit of research, this problem seems to be related to G1000 from Working Title. I uninstalled Working Title and then everything worked! there have apparently been problems with this regarding the update to WU4 (Working Title /G1000 - v0.3.7).
The problem seems to arise again in in WU5!
See also this post: C172 - G1000 Avionics not working anymore

is that why i cant launch the msfs…i m having this black screen suddenly and takes for ever to launch…i posted a thread here a few days ago “unable to launch msfs”…and i followed teh advices of some guys ??? is there people having the same issue ?

Any news about your new matching version, Thomas?

I have the same question!

Im testing, i hop uploading tomorow


Hello All,

:arrow_right: Mod more easy are now online on flightsim.to : Easy airlines+aircraft matching with default live traffic » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Please remove the previous instruction of the first post before install it.



Excellent stuff, I’ll be sure to check it out! Any chance this pack could or even would be compatible with the Aircraft Booster Pack from this mod: https://flightsim.to/file/12414/msfs2020-vatsim-modelmatching ?

No, this is incompatible sorry and theses guys use illegally some aircraft like the Just Flight E195.

You will get better result with my solution because i have hard worked on matching (more than one week) :wink:


Awesome! It´s working great - thank you.

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is this live or AI traffic?

if AI traffic, does it have nameplates?

this is live traffic, ai traffic not tested.

This Mod sounds great fab work, what settings do you need in the traffic?

Just need to set two settings, look instructions on the download page

I followed your instruction and still see the default liveries…no real world ones.

Installed ALTITUDE. It created Ivao_x-csl folder in community. I unzipped and copied YOUR Ivao_x-csl into the ALTITUDE created one. It never prompted to overwrite anything.

Do I have to run either of the two files that ALTITUDE created, IVAO Pilot Core or IVAO Pilot Client? If so, that was not mentioned in your instructions.

Thanks for any help on this.