Tutorial of how to add airliners to AI TRAFFIC

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A question, in this video it appears that there are only 3 types of Ai for a given aircraft (in this case, only 3 liveries of the Airbus) - is there a way to get even more diversity?


if yuo download the 40 pack, you should see the 40 liveries

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but you would have to create 40 files for the livery that you copy over to the main asobo folder?

Great tip, but as DownLow is pointing out, if you only can change three ai liveries, and they will be spawned all over the world, so you only see Delta, American and Jetblue in Chinese, European, Australian etc. airports, then I’d rrather wait for an AI Pack from a 3’rd party developer. But a good trick never the less.


I think yes

Yep, in the old days of MS flight sim, not only did we have the ability to include real-world schedules (for 100s of Ai. airline liveries), you were able to even modify the airports to ensure certain airline Ai would actually be using the proper terminals!

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You do not need to replace any textures… just add the new livery as new AI in the aircraft.cfg…

title = “Airbus A320 Neo AirTraffic Delta” ; Variation name
model = “AirTraffic” ; model folder
panel = “” ; panel folder
sound = “” ; sound folder
texture = “Delta” ; texture folder
kb_checklists = “Boeing747-400_check” ; Procedures/Checklist sibling file name
kb_reference = “Boeing747-400_ref” ; Reference information sibling file name
description = “$$:TEXT TO ADD” ; Variation description.
wip_indicator = 0 ; know if the variation is good to go or still WIP : -1=Disabled, 0=Rough, 1=1st Pass, 2=Finished
ui_manufacturer = “$$:Airbus” ; e.g. Boeing, Cessna
ui_type = “$$:A320 Neo” ; e.g. 747-400, 172
ui_variation = “$$:Airbus” ; e.g. World Air, IFR Panel
ui_typerole = “Commercial Airliner” ; e.g. Single Engine Prop, Twin Engine Prop, Rotorcraft, etc
ui_createdby = “Asobo Studio” ; e.g. Asobo Studio, Microsoft, FSAddonCompany, etc
ui_thumbnailfile = “” ; app relative path to ThumbNail image file
ui_certified_ceiling = 39800 ; service ceiling / max certified operating altitude (ft)
ui_max_range = 3500 ; max distance the aircraft can fly between take-off and landing in (NM)
ui_autonomy = 0 ; max duration the aircraft can fly between take-off and landing in (Hrs)
ui_fuel_burn_rate = 5300 ; average fuel consumption per hour (lbs/hr) - reminder: fuel density is ~6.7lbs per US gallon
atc_id = “N320DL” ; tail number
atc_id_enable = 0 ; enable tail number
atc_airline = “Delta” ; airline name
atc_flight_number = “1123” ; flight number
atc_heavy = 1 ; heavy?
atc_parking_types = “GATE,RAMP,CARGO” ; “ANY” / “RAMP” / “CARGO” / “MIL_CARGO” / “MIL_COMBAT” / “GATE” / “DOCK”
atc_parking_codes = “” ; Comma separated and may be as small as one character each
atc_id_color = “” ; color for the tail number : i.e. “#ffff00ff
atc_id_font = “” ; font for the tail number
icao_airline = “DLH” ; ICAO code of the airline if the variation is a livery for a real airline
isAirTraffic = 1 ; Is the plane usable for air traffic
isUserSelectable = 0 ; Is the plane selectable by the user

So, once i have the liveries working where do i find the cfg file?
Adding that files for each aircraft will make that the automatic traffic will show it?

Wow…the good old days, huh?

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yep, like 15 years ago!

Thanks S3rious, that config files is bringing back memories. From what I see, the system hasn’t changed much meaning lots of the modifications should be possible - such as activating extra runways (old game wouldn’t allow multiple runways in use but you could make it active with a freeware mod tool).

BTW - I don’t actually have the game yet so I can’t play around with this stuff…I’m waiting till after the first patch to be released since I knew for sure that the game would be buggy on release (quite buggy it appears).

If you install the liverypack (or only the one you like) you got all data in the community folder, there is also the aircraft.cfg file for the A320 or other Aircrafts. Open it in Notepad++ or any other texteditor, here you can modify or add all you wish.

Given that it appears many of the core systems supporting aircraft (.cfg) files appear the same as was used in previous versions of the simulator (FSX and 2004), I wonder if the older tools (AFCAD for modifying airports and TrafficTools for adding ai liveries) works as well.

Take a look here:

Anyone care to be the guinea pig here? I would start testing this myself but as I noted, I haven’t gotten the game yet as I am awaiting the first major patch.

I’m using this, appears to work. I was just in Cairo taking off and saw several different liveries there.

A big thing would be to see more variety of the types of planes.

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Question. I decided to add all the liveries in the livery pack for the A320 NEO to be “isAirTraffic = 1”. While this does populate A320s at the gate with a seemingly random livery from the A320 NEO list, it is all the same livery (but does change when I reload the airport). The actual flight traffic (planes flying, landing and departing) seem to be pulling their liveries from somehwere else, they also are using the “generic” aircraft models even though I have that option turned off in-game.

Am I missing something here?

Yes - you also need to make a copy of the model.airtraffic folder for each livery you have set to isairtraffic=1

Then point the model= in the cfg to that model folder copy

Also make sure there is a field called icao_airline=BAW (example) in each fltsim section

i tried setting the isairtraffic=0 in the 3 deafult a320 Neo and
isairtraffic=1 in 3 a320 (iberia, british and airfrance)
but only one of them can be seen

how can i do to see 3 of them apart of changing the files of the default ones?

I said it in the post above

  1. Make 3 copies of the model.airtraffic folder
  2. In the fltsim.x section of the aircraft cfg for each of the three paints, make sure the model= entry points toward a unique model folder not used by any other paints
  3. In each of the fltsim.x sections, add a field called icao_airline= and use the three letter code of the airline the repaint belongs to, so icao_airline=“BAW” icao_airline=“IBE” icao_airline=“AFR”

hi, but where is the model.airtraffic folder? in comunity?

No, in official, you have to copy it to community