Tutorial on how to see other applications in VR?

Guys is there a tutorial out there explaining how to see other applications (like Navigraph) in VR mode using only WMR?

I appreciate any support!

Just put a virtual desktop window inside the sim. That’s all I do. And then I can operate navigraph. (A tip, add the airports you want charts for to your favourites within navigraph. This saves having to type the ICAO code in blind whilst in VR)

Thanks for your feedback! Sorry for the basic question, I am very new in VR, do you do this directly in WMR?

But how do you do this?

i can make my desktop “follow me” in the sim, but i cannot select any programm inside that window, is like the mouse is trap inside, i appreciate if you can explain a bit more :wink:

If you pin desktop in the cockpit, you have to Alt+Tab (or press Windows key on keyboard) to unlock the mouse then move it to the correct monitor.

I will give it a try! Thanks for your feedback :+1:

How do I pin the desktop with me in the cockpit? I usually start a flight and then turn on VR (WMR then opens). Do I have to start a flight differently?

Press start menu button on your controller when you are in the VR cockpit. Then select Desktop.

We need the same thing that “other sim” has for that freeware B737, that EFB. That app is awesome. I wish the guy would make it for this sim.

Hello guy! So I finally made it to see other applications inside the cockpit but the sad news is that it takes around 5 to 10 valuable FPS :weary:

Consider reducing the resolution of the desktop you bring to VR.

how do you reduced this resolution? thank you!

If you bring your PC desktop to VR, you just reduce the resolution of the desktop, the usual Windows way.

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