Tutorials & Working Windows at the same time-Long winded

In this age of powerful video cards and PC’s, a reason does not exist that we cannot have within the simulator, a split screen so we can put a tutorial showing ILS/VOR/IFR/G1000-3000/ and the actual plane cockpit in another window so we can click/push the buttons as soon as they are exampled in the tutorial. Yes, I can “window” the FS, and switch back and forth between a YouTube video showing how it’s done, and the FS, but having this built into the FS makes life so much easier.

As an example, in FSX, which I was able to use the C-17 GM III, the navigation/Auto Pilot is very easy to setup. But the new displays, and controls are more current, so the procedures might be the same or close, but the buttons are in different places, and may have new or dual purpose. So I am daunted with setting up IFR/ILS/GPS and all the rest with the flight planner (World Map), feature. Doing the setup at a ramp parking area makes it easier, since I wont have people waiting on me to TO, but remembering which button does what, is much more involved in the FS now. Yes, Technology and safer real world flying is the watchword, but although similar to the older stuff, but having a feature that does more than one thing is harder to remember, having a tutorial I can go through/watch numerous times with the window of the exact equipment I am attempting to use would be invaluable. Please consider adding this feature in an update.