‘Twas the night before…

‘Twas the night before MSFS40 & SU11, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

No doubt everyone is looking forward to the combined SU11 and 40th Anniversary dropping in less than 24hrs from now.

I bid farewell to my last SU10 flight last night. Seems a lifetime ago already :joy:

What are you personally most excited about?

The A310? Gliders? Helicopters? Better AI traffic? Some fixes you’ve been longing for? Maybe a surprise that Microsoft/Asobo have kept a lid on? Meigs Field? The Goose?

For me it’s having a go at the A310, and hopefully with some vibrant and busy airports. At last! Hooray!!



Don’t start I am already feeling sick just hoping SU11 will be the best update ever and 40th anniversary brings all of the nice goodies :blush:

Just dreaming it all looks good and runs smoothly.


Are you hinting that with SU11, MSFS will be 100% Touch Screen Compatible, and no need for Mouse Clicks


I’m kinda hoping for more of a Minority Report interface :joy:


I’m sooo excited and hyped for the update tomorrow!! I’m wondering is there anything else thats going to come with 40th anniversary besides the a310?

I’m just hoping the Xbox version still has visible 3D objects


I’m the most excited about helicopters (especially the 407), the DC-3 and the Beaver.

Also looking forward to the enhancements of the airmass simulation for gliders and for all aircraft in general.


Helicopters and the Goose.

Yawn just woke up … is this game getting some kind of update that might help it catch up with the competition? :wink:

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Nothing in the “extras” are of interest to me personally, but glad that others are excited for them. Looking forward to what core sim issues have been resolved and or minimized.


you mean x-crash 11?

Nothing to do with competition. Simply a love letter to flight simmers

You ol’ cynic :grinning:. In some eyes, yes. In some no. Each to their own, we all fly (on VATSIM et al) together.

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Oh I thought it was XP12 nowadays … what happened?

i mean i haven’t played either and xp12 just looks like xp11 but with a 12


…there’s some competition? That’s good to know.


Geese (plural)!

I was on an empire total war and farmsim 22 break until tomorrow, I can’t wait to fly the DeHavilland and a310 also meigs field gets to live on in flight simulator

After using xbox SU11 beta, I’m just going to assume they wont be and hope to be pleasantly surprised :joy:
Really though, there is so mutch I’m looking forward to - my first Flight Sims were FS2002 and 2004 so great to see some classic planes and helicopters again, and the stability seems really improved.
Its just a pity that there’s that nagging worry/ liklihood that the reduced LOD in the beta will be carried over. I hope not - to me anyway, it isn’t awful, and the difference is quite small, but it is just enough that at times it reminds me that I’m playing a game rather than looking out of a cockpit window, and that’s a shame.


Here’s to breaking records and having the Goose fly more than 26 seconds.
Who says simmers are amateurs!

That’ll put paid to those YT videos “can a simmer fly a real plane?”
“Well I just flew an ILS into St. Barts with The Goose!”

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