Twin Otter DHC-6 Discussion Thread (Answer Questions & Post Your Screenshots)

So, I just picked up the Twin Otter from the market and I love the artwork. I found the sounds to be a bit confusing however, I am still enjoying the aircraft. I use the Twin Otter to hop islands in and around the Caribbean. I cant wait to see the future updates that Aerosoft releases for this beautiful aircraft.

How are you enjoying the Twin Otter?
Where do you fly it?
What is your favorite configuration?
If you don’t own one yet?
Do you plan on getting one?
If not, why?

Post some screenshots of your adventures using the Twin Otter.

Five twotter threads so far. Might be a record.

(it’s now seven)


I love your screenshot skills though!

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Thanks, I would like to see everyone’s thoughts on the plane and maybe some screenshots.

This thread was closed instantly when I made it, I asked if we could keep it because it is a request from the community for thoughts and pictures of the aircraft. I really like the Twin Otter and I wanted to see what the community thought based on my specific questions.

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Holy contrast Batman