Twin Otter

Anyone noted that the seatbelt and no smoking switches are not working? When you click on they just click off in both the pax and cargo models.

They still have not fixed the annoying trim sound when in autopilot. I sent an email to Aerosoft and they just said that they would pass the issue on higher up.

Hydraulic sound is a problem also On some flights it keeps sounding. One way to get rid of the sound is to exit and then come back in.

Try this for numerous fixes including the seatbelt & no smoking switches:
The hydraulic sound can be stopped by toggling the brakes on and off a few times.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time as a passenger in Twin Otters, including in the copilot seat, and never heard the hydraulic pump over the engine noise. I actually showed a video I made in the sim to a twin otter pilot and he commented on the pump sound, saying he never heard it either. Hopefully they at least reduce the volume in the future, if not remove the sound entirely. Twin Otters are pretty loud and you don’t hear much of anything other than engine/prop noise. Trim, flaps, switches, and just about anything else is not audible.

The sounds for me are definitely present. When I say hydraulic I am referring to the sound you hear when the flaps are deployed.

On the switch issue, I tested by removing all other addons to see if there was a conflict. I did refer these issues as I said on to Aerosoft. Will await the next patch.

I djownloaded but unable to open…I guess I need RAR?? Not sure how to proceed.

Get 7Zip. It has a microscopic footprint, incorporates itself into the Windows Context (right-click) Menu, and opens darn near anything.