Two computers two different behavior

I’ll be holding off on it till its ready for the masses. Even then I will probably hold off for a bit.

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I may just abandon VR altogether. I seldom use my Reverb G2, and would need to replace it. I haven’t decided whether to spend that money. Probably wait a few more years for the headsets to get even better.

Then again, I just spent a bunch of money on a cyclic/collective setup, and helicopters are where VR really shines (or so I’ve been told by our friend Baracas.)

Why would anyone expect similar results on different systems with different visuals? Posts like these only serve to cloud the discourse. “Two computers two different behaviors” should be 100% expected. And honestly I’m amazed MS has made a product that even runs on so many different operating systems and boxes of random parts.

What I don’t understand is starting a fight on the exact same computer, at the exact same airport, in the exact same plane, with the exact same (no) traffic enabled, with the exact same community folder, with the exact same “clear skies” weather, set to the exact same time… with drastically different results.


Two different systems yes. But the second of the systems is stuttering which it should not be. That is the jist of the post.

Because i bought an expensive computer to run Flight Simulator thinking this gave me better performaces of the previous computer that I wanted to dedicate to other tasks, and I expect that everything projected to work under windows 10 - 11 has to work, don’t matter what software it is (naturally we are speaching of software for windows 10 or 11) or what hardware it is. Otherwise it must be specified on which type of hardware it does not work.
When I made the comparation on the two computer was to understand why two computers with the same OS and the same configuration of flight simulator have so different behavior. I think that my post was not so strange silly thing.
According to what you write then Microsoft Asobo should have built MSFS2020 only for one type of computer and imposed it on everyone (in a certain sense it would have been better so no one would have had the problems that many complain about), but the market is free and everyone has complete freedom and has the right to assemble the best computer he thinks, respecting the hardware and OS indications
The meaning of this post was to ask to the community if someone could help me to understand and correct possible errors of setting that I might have done made in assembling my system, and the guys that have answered me, gave me many food for thought on which to act to solve the problem.
I do not understand why post like this " only serve to cloud the discourse" , this was not the intention, but I repeat it was just to understand what I could to do to resolve the problems that prevent me from using MSFS as best as possible.
In any case thanks to all the guys that gave me precious advice.

You are welcome - and let us know the results of your tests, please. :mechanic:

You have an addon that is not playing nice. That’s my money. Theoretically, it should crash on both systems, but I’ve seen weirder IT things happen.

I made many attempts following the advice you kindly gave me in this post, to check what the problem could be with my computer. All attempts gave me negative answers. The problem remains. The only thing I can do is wait for the SU15 to be released and see if that solves my problem and in the meantime fly with computer no. 1 which is more stable.
I will verify all the electronics component to see if someone is broken
I ask you another question. Is there a place, a log, in the hard disk where I can see at which point flight simulator had the ctd, it would be very important to check if there is some add-on that systematically causes the ctd ?
Thanks again for taking the time to address my problem.

Hi there @UpmostPencil452
I chime in because havent see this yet in this topic or may have overread this but
Here is my idea
Are you on the same account with the 2 pc?
if so this may create the problem check than if there is a possibility to give each their own account

Also a possibility maybe this next.
If the sim ask you to choose from the cloud or this pc go for this pc for each pc

Easy to check in usercfg.opt
For they should show a difference
Also for the one with quest 3 check vr section in this file



The Event Viewer can give some clue, but it often provides only vague information that only a handful of people could actually interpret into anything useful.

Start menu> search for “Event Viewer.” Under “application” tab on the left side can show you, just look for “Flight simulator.exe.” pair with Google search and Reisling wine for best usage.

Hi @UpmostPencil452

as @Portalearth420 mentions, the system & application logs usually record CTDs & can help in tracking down the problem but are really designed for IT professionals to use rather than the average PC user.

Within Event Viewer, there are also a large number of very specific log files within the Applications & Services Logs, but again are designed to help IT professionals who are trained in troubleshooting techniques.

Having said that, the events recorded just before and after the CTD logged events sometimes will provide a filename or service that can point one in the right direction. It is certainly worth looking at next time you get a CTD. Just note the time & look at the system & application logs in the minute just before & after the CTD.

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Even as an IT professional, I have 0 clue what half the stuff means lmao. Usually boils down to bad drivers, bad memory, bad GPU/CPU or bad power issues. That’s just based on previous moments in time I’ve perused and googled various issues. Stack overflow really is wonderful…

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Even with the new beta (.18) the problems remain. I tried all that i could to try. The simulator works weel only in safe mode. I tried to unistall all the add-ons that i bought only through the marketplace and keep only the airplanes. The result does not change.
I lost the hope and I think that with the release of SU15 the music will not change for me… I am resigned :disappointed_relieved:
At least if I knew where to act, I could intervene on the hardware or software but not knowing why or what generates the CTDs makes it impossible to take the necessary countermeasures
The last thing that I have to do is to format the computer and reinstall windows and MSFS and hope that the problems disappear. But I do not believe it too much.
I am tired to try, try and not fly

Thank you to all for the precious help and advice

  1. MS/Asobo DID build FS2020 for one type of computer, the type that runs Windows/Xbox. And users are forced to use MS. FS2020 doesn’t run on a Mac, or Linux, or PS5, etc.
  2. There are too many PC hardware components and peripherals which can build an infinite number of different Windows systems. It is impossible for MS or any other software developer to provide a list of what hardware DOESN’T work. Years ago Asobo published recommended PC configurations for FS2020. These recommendations did not account for any “bolt-on” peripherals or apps.
  3. You answered your question when you stated “same configuration of flight simulator”. Because there PC hardware differences, FS2020 has to be configured correctly for each system. And the configuration should be checked when hardware is changed or there is a Sim Update. Try switching VR hardware or remove VR and use a monitor instead without reconfiguring. FS2020 will not run the same, maybe better, maybe worse.
  4. In my opinion, the biggest weakness of FS2020 is the difficulty of obtaining AND maintaining the optimal configuration for each PC.

I agree with you on all points and understand that there are thousands of different computers out there, but in my opinion if a software is designed for Windows it must work on all computers that have Windows, no matter what the hardware is . I fully understand that my statement is utopian and the very nature of Windows does not allow for perfectly stable systems.
I repeat, it would be nice if there was a configuration that works well and safely, I would have followed it to the letter in building my computer dedicated to Flight simulator. At the moment, both computers are only used for the flight simulator and there is no other software installed, so I can say that my computers are in an “ideal” situation. I built computer no. 2 only because I wanted to have a better performing machine, but I had a bad surprise. The strange thing is that if I run the flight simulator in safe mode, I have no CTD at all. At this point I think it is an add-on that is causing the CTD on the machine with the AMD processor
It would be nice if Asobo/Microsoft gave us the ability to disable add-ons without uninstalling them. It would be easier to try to determine what may be causing any problems by disabling and enabling add-ons directly from inside the simulator, because uninstalling and then installing many add-ons takes a long time…
Today I took a flight with the computer n.1 (Intel processor) and it was a pleasure, no CTD no stutters, pure fun, only the FPS where low (but at the moment i cannot have all from the life)…

This is why addon linker was created. I don’t use it, but I hear good things about it MSFS Addons Linker for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

I use it but i do not know how to use it with add-ons downloaded from marketplace and I have 90% of add-ons from marketplace and only a few from third vendors. I use Addons linker for add-ons dowloaded from
Is there a way or a tutorial to explain how to manage the addon from marketplace?

under the content manager you can pick and choose what’s loaded.

Just another random thought about this problem in general terms - and the larger problem of some devices experience bugs when others don’t. This falls under “possibility” not “probability”

Some motherboards are actually removing limits on the CPU that they shouldn’t ( amps, voltage, clock speed ) even with default settings! That can cause issues and certainly reduce the lifespan. It’s worth checking the CPU’s published specs and comparing to your bios settings.