Two cruise ships on the beach in Cannes (fr)

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The static cruise ships that are moored on the beach at Cannes/France LFMD since the last sim update though… completely impossible, I wonder why they were put there.

They’re useful to find the airport though… :slightly_smiling_face:


I used to fly in Cannes surroundings and I was surprised to see big cruise ship in front of beach… It is completly unrealistic…
I tried to put 0 % on my boats trafic settings and nothing is happened.

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They annoy me very much - they are in a place where there is a normal beach and people are bathing. These are completely unreal, huge ocean liners.
How can I get rid of this mess ??? :wink:

If you’re using a rolling cache, clear that out and try again. If you have a local cache for the area, try re-downloading. There were issues right after WU6 with gigantic buildings that seem to be related to the same thing.

Thanks, but I’m not using the cache. The ships, unfortunately, appeared (I think) after the previous France update.
Are they only with me ???

No, you are not alone, there have been complaints from others about this already.

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Another update and nothing happened.
The unreal ships are still there.
(good thing the LFMN wind turbine is gone)

I started playing around with the SDK, which is my own scenery tweaks/fixes.
And I was finally able to remove these two ships from the beach without any problems :wink:
Once you know what to do and how to do it, it takes 5 minutes. It’s a pity that the client has to make his own :wink: