Two friends, one plane

I bought the sim a few weeks back and the wife asked if she should buy to just ‘ride along’ for a flight with me. She has no interest (yet) in sharing controls or co-piloting…she just wants to sit shotgun as it were and be able to use her PC to soak in the views and experience. Is this possible without third party software? Does the vanilla game allow a friend to just ‘tag along’?

Sick idea but if I was trying/hoping to engage a friend/ family member in the joy of flying, IMO the sim is not yet in a state to showcase my piloting “skills”, let alone encourage them to grasp the yoke themselves…
Edit: I am using the word sick in its slang form to indicate “good/ great”

That doesn’t help me.

You can’t do this natively in the sim yet. Both you and your wife would have to have a copy of the game + the shared cockpit plugin running in order to do this. Even if she doesn’t want to actively take control of the plane.

That is an interesting question. I know she could do a multi-player flight and fly where you do, but she would have to fly her plane that way. What about getting another monitor, clone your desktop to it, and she can sit in front of it? Probably someone else will have a better idea.

THe issue with that is that it’s a clone of whatever the pilot is looking at, vs being able to sit in the cockpit as a passenger and look around at the sights.


Thank you for that reply. It’s a matter of wanting to spend the money on this or something else. I’ve seen the shared cockpit plugin. If it’s not ridiculously complicated to initiate in game, I would in fact go that way.

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I haven’t used the plugin myself, but I’ve seen a YouTube video by P Gatacomb using it. It seems reasonably straightforward to get set up and running.

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If the plugin is a one step process after installation, fine. If it needs a heap of setup for every session…it would become cumbersome. I’ve watched several videos but none have been prefixed with the actual setting the plugin up. If it’s a matter of both of us logging in, her joining my session then clicking a button, that would work.

Poor girl, she is not a gamer and has yet to grasp the concept of a stick/throttle/pedal coordination in other fight sims (we both own Elite:Dangerous and I built identical gaming PC’s for us, HOTAS and all). Elite allows a friend to ‘ride shotgun’ and even do some controls (but not flight) but in that sim, ‘just looking around’ can get uneventful. It would be a thrill for her to be able to have her own free-look and not just sit over my shoulder. Not to worry, your suggestion is not a bad idea, but we’ve kinda done that with her just sitting behind me. She wants the answer to my question more than I do.

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As a qualified RW pilot, This plug in might be helpful if I want to teach a friend to fly in the Sim world. This is the first time I have heard about it. Where do you get it? Free or payware?

If anyone else has used it, how easy to set up and use?

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