Two times that I got my eyes full of tears by MSFS!

Two times that I got my eyes full of tears since MSFS was released,

first time when it was initially released (18 Aug 2020), I thought I wouldn’t live to see the date when you have the whole world simulated/rendered and full of life with its atmospheric/weather/terrain/woods/cities/streets/mountains/lighting effects etc. in almost full details out of the box, I remembered our dear friends that left this world before seeing this amazing piece of work (God bless their souls).

The second time was when I installed SU5HF2, I have never thought I would be able to fly this complicated simulator with such butter smoothness on my eight years old computer, there are still some areas that needs improvements of course and I’m sure it is happening, however it is just amazing the way it is right now.

I’m not saying it is perfect, but it is the best of all simulators out there for me.

So. Big thank you MS and ASOBO for making me cry of happiness.

Ali A.


With so many people taking the opportunity to be as unconstructive as possible, it’s great to read your post!

I agree with you, it’s not perfect, it needs a lot of work to make it stable, but it is absolutely stunning when it works!

Asobo: félicitations


I like the sim too, but I can sense it means a lot more to you. Reading your post made me happy and I wish you many, many more wonderful flying hours in MSFS (or whatever sim you like for that matter, you’re clearly a true fan of aviation).


A flight simulator has nearly brought you to tears?


I’m with you on this. I was very worried that I’d have to spend money I don’t have on new hardware but my ‘old’ machine still manages to chug along and give me a good experience with the simulator… It does get rather hot though…so I’ll probably be saving on the heating bill during winter! For someone who has been on their own during lockdown (family Skype just isn’t the same), the simulator has made me feel like I can actually get out and see the world
Even if it is virtual, there’s a lot of places I feel like I’ve been that I’ll never get to see in real life. Thank you Asobo and Microsoft!


Anyone who has never really cried for something serious tends to do it easily. Or simply to misjudge the words in a rush of acclamation.

Same feeling. After Hotfix 2 it works again… faster now, with less stutters. All in all… SU5 + hotfixes :+1:


Absolutely agree. Not perfect, but refreshing to hear some positives. Too many people just non-constructively come and complain or whine around here that their problem isn’t addressed immediately or that their single cloud in a screenshot is grainy. Like really.

Very refreshing to read this here.



I cried at my aunty’s funeral this week.
But that is off topic.
I would never get that upset over a computer game.
I am just separating fact from fiction.


Because that was a real event.
And there is no propaganda of any kind to be drawn from it, only sadness.

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Same here, and it shows me amazing sights every time I fly


Thankfully, we humans aren’t all equal.
Why arguing about emotions? You don’t know what people go through, you don’t know their backgrounds. So better stop judging.


A reminder for everyone to keep this topic on track please. Focus on the discussion, and avoid posting messages/comments about each other or their emotions :+1:


Yes OP I totally understand…I’ve had several of these moments in VR with other sims.
It’s just that amazing it DOES bring much joy and make you teary eyed at the amazing achievements and evolution in PC gaming/simming tech. Hopefully I’ll have the same experiences in MSFS when a better SU6 comes along because SU5 surely isn’t it.

Escapism through video gaming is a great way for people such as myself to explore and have a little fun doing something I other wise would not be able to do because of physical limitations. There are more positive experiences for me personally, than negative.

There is no shame in having “happy tears” materialize after completing or performing something one finds thrilling! Perhaps making that perfect landing after many tries, or any other feat which compels a person to uncontrollably feel a rush of overwhelming excitement and emotion, and then exclaim, “WOOOOHOOO!!! I DID IT!!! I DID THAT!!!.”

Passion, and curiosity, my fellow flight simulator pilots, are powerful and positive emotions, and ones which will continue to live within me, and surely in the OP SVA787 (Ali A.) as well, as we continue our adventures!

To press on diligently after the loss of ones friends, is a difficult task. Good for you SVA787 (Ali A) Continue to live the dream! This is a beautiful game on PC and on Xbox X especially in 4K. Peace!


I cried when my logbook reseted to 0hrs when I was only 12hrs away from hitting the 500 mark. Other than that, I know there is growing pains…I lived through FSX

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With all its issues, I still love this simulator too. It really is an amazing piece of software and I hope it will bring lots of us happiness for years to come.

When Flyinside developed the first version of the VR injection for FSX back in 2014 it certainly turned my tear faucets on. Seeing FSX from a VR perspective and doing those missions over in VR were very touching!

Please refrain from being positive. It offends many. You have been warned.


what nonsense, the guy is right.