Two times that I got my eyes full of tears by MSFS!

True… I think that that’s the nature of many people with frustrations.
They experience something strange and the next thing they do is barfing here, hoping that they get attention and a solution right away.
I’d suggest to program an auto-filter on the forum where topics with the words unplayable, I’m leaving etc will be redirected to a new sub folder called ‘Stopic’
That way we keep the forum clean and relevant for us, the serious population in the community.
Not to state that there are no problems and bugs of course but it’s the attitude of some here that makes me sad.


It did brought me to tears twice as well…1st was tears of joy and a dream came true…when it was released after 14 years of me using and sticking with FSX…to be able to see a sequence to FSX. And of cos upon launch the graphic, textures and night lightings of the earth were amazing, almost second to none.

The second time is now…tears of frustration and despair…especially after SU5 and one year on…the constant needs to troubleshoot and re-adjust settings and hrs of hrs reading posts after posts and opening tickets, usually after each update…and these can be exhausting at times with no end in sight.

FSX had 2 updates, some tweakings by users to get to their most satisfying state and then game play thereafter. MSFS is currently a monthly cycle with days or weeks of troubleshootings and re-ajustments, a few weeks of gameplay and then the cycle repeat again…

I hope there will be at least one last tears, the tears of relieve and eternal happiness, when they can finally get their act together, and get to a point where everyone can enjoy the sim again continuously and consistently, while looking forward to each update with pleasant anticipation of some new improvements or minor additions each time.

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You might want to read the mod’s post once again:

Tears of joy are not being upset. Well, a good upset if you want to frame it that way.

Yeah - I guess there were a lot of us reduced to tears that day…

My eyes are already full of tears reading this, hope it comes true soon

The sarcasm and condescending tone in here, at times, is disgusting. Is it so hard to respect a persons feelings, even if it’s ‘just a game’?

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MSFS 2020 “The quarentine salvation!”
Thank you “Microsobo”.

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Not sure but I think we got a LOT of feelings of people being angry, full of hatred, disrespectful against others in the last few weeks.
Didn’t notice you complaining about “outpourings” there. Why?


Why participate in the thread at all, then? Set it to Muted, and walk away.


This is a forum where many people write, sometimes openheartedly, about their experiences with the sim. Some people who post here (I’m not indicating the op at all here) have issues in their life, being handicapped and not able to fly, being lonely because of how life has unfolded for them. They take to the forum to chat with others and share their feelings. This gives them a feeling of belonging somewhere, with people sharing the same passion. To me this displays courage and vulnerability of the poster.
The lack of respect I read in your and other posts in this topic is beyond my comprehension. It proves to me that some people are hard because they lack a heart. And that’s what is taking this beautiful world down.
Let’s rise up to the skies and leave our judgments, opinions and frustrations behind. We are and have to be better than this!


You have your opinion and I have mine. I have just as much right to say how I feel as you and others do. I take a differing view; now’t wrong with that. You just happen to disagree with me, as I do you.

We humans have the ability to hold back our opinions out of respect for others. We are fully entitled to have our opinions, that is how our brains work, unfortunately.
What I am saying is that we don’t need to ventilate them all the time, certainly not when the risk exists of hurting somebody else’s feelings.
That is just not cool.


But you’re expressing it in a way that silences other opinions which is where your freedom ends.
Saying someone elses feelings are invalid and/or they shouldn’t write it here on the forums is disrespectful and toxic.


Well, this person was expressing their feelings, regarding the sim. All the rants in the last 2 weeks were also just that: expression of personal feelings towards the sim. That’s the way I see it.

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While I don’t necessarily wish to be associated with what the OP’s said, he’s got a right to say it. This is GD, after all.
And the mods haven’t closed it; that’s good enough for me.

What does GD mean?

It means the name of the forum you’re looking at right now.

I see, General Discussion :grinning:

The point is, I think, that the OP wasn’t here to start a discussion, but to share and express his/her feelings from the heart. That’s an entirely different matter. Opinion=head, feeling=heart. See?

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Crying… dunno, but I did make some loud happy noises when I landed Blériot XI Gnome safely on the other side of the Channel…