Two yokes no joke

Hi All.
Received my Honeycomb yoke today, all happy face but, now I can’t use my Logitech throttle as it was with my Logitech yoke.
The only way to use it is to have the Logitech yoke plugged into the computer and this over rides my Honeycomb yoke, sad face. Is there any way that I can override the Logitech yoke.
Any suggestion about how I might tackle this issue appreciated or am I stuck until the Honeycomb throttle becomes available.
Thanks in advance.


Ok, everybody, worked it out. Hit me like a brick against glass, boy was I having a dumb moment

Can you share what you did? I guarantee someone will benefit from it.

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Good on you :slight_smile: You remapped axis to the honeycomb?

And I wish the honeycomb throttle would hurry up!

Yes please share as it might help me. I have a saitek yoke and throttle quadrant as well as ax52 pro stick and throttle. The saitek throttle quadrant no longer works due to a busted din plug so I would love to use the x52 pro throttle with saitek yoke. I have Not sure if that might be helpful.

The answer was rather easy. I deleted the aileron and elevator assignments on the logitech yoke and viola, no more issue.

Thanks for reading the post guys.

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With you there, my dear wife said to me today that I will now have to get a new throttle, little does she know.
Am going to put my preorder in, in about two weeks.
Having flown light aircraft in the past this honeycomb yoke is about as close to real control inputs on the real thing and making good use of my trim wheel as well

What a nice wife you have :slight_smile:

Neither of the two aircraft I flew had yokes so this is different for me. I always wanted one for flight sims. I had the CH and Saitek yokes but they were just horrible. I’m using MFG Crosswind pedals so once I have the throttle I will be pretty happy with my controls setup :slight_smile:

I pre-odered over a month ago from an online store in Australia. Unfortunately, it looks like honeycomb are selling preorders through their own site first before filling preorders from international stores. I had asked them if that was the case but no reply.

They are shipping after quality control checks by end of October in groups. They did do preorders on their sites on limited quantities of different “batches”. Not all went to direct preorders and they will still be shipping to online retailers end of October.

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Cool, thanks.