Typhoon has a flying buddy!

Nice - I want to find more fighters in the skies!

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The F1 5 was next for me before I heard some negative comments here. Especially that it does not even have it’s full speed potential. The marketing videos certainly draw you in to hit that buy button. But I hesitate…

It’s now full speed. It’s a bunch of fun but I ain’t no purist.

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Then for you it is worth it? And thanks for the info!

For me, yes. I’m enjoying it a lot.

If you’re not in a hurry I think it’ll be available from other places for less money. Not sure. It’s Just Flight who set that price for that.

And check out the mods that are taking place on here and flightsim.to. There are camera and flight model changes.

I read DC Designs put a $37 price tag on it while Just Flight boosted to over $40.
Appreciate the help!