Ufo lights over streets and floating airliners

We’ve seen a lot of updates, but the painfully obvious elephant in the room, even to a legally blind FS fan, like me, has to be the UFO lights, floating over streets, roads, and highways. As if flying cars, going over bridges, and aircraft floating at jet bridges weren’t bad enough. LOL






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I recommend making this a voteable issue. It’s the only way it will make it on to the issues list. Also zendesk it too.


We are no alone!!!

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Please file a bug report on Zendesk, using the “Submit a Request” option on the top menu bar. Include a detailed description of your issue, as well as steps to reproduce and screenshots if applicable.

Which is the worst system for “prioritising” bugs & issues I’ve ever seen, things like this shouldn’t need votes, they need to be on the list regardless and fixed at the earliest opportunity.


“The truth is out there”.

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the problem has been around for a long time, I’ve also sent tickets without success

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the same as mine
you ask yourself it is useful to write a ticket.
or should one use the time more sensibly

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They’ve gotten all my tickets… Then again, that depends on what you mean. If anyone is expecting fixes immediately to submitted tickets, good luck on that. This is super complex software, every couple of weeks they’re posting what in their development backlog, what they’ve started working on and it’s expected finish date, and what’s in the backlog. Just because any particular bug doesn’t show up on the list, that doesn’t mean it’s not in the queue. I’ll be happy if the bugs I submit are fixed in 6 months.

the problem is that unimportant things are processed quickly. it would be better if you would divide your resources better.
there are errors that have been known since the beginning of the year and there are no innovations.sorry but in my opinion wrong priorities were set by ASOBO

What gets fixed when depends on a few things:

Top priority is if it is stopping people from playing the game
Next, it depends somewhat on how easy the fix is. Some things are super simple to fix
Others require huge changes to the architecture of the game. It’s relatively object oriented, but still, major changes to architecture can take quite long to implement, and they have to balance what they’re going to break when they implement the fix.

Point being, just because it’s important, doesn’t mean all development should stop until that bug is fixed. It may look like mixed up priorities to those unfamiliar with what work needs to be done to implement a fix, but, in the end, they are doing the best they can to fix as much as possible, and, at the same time, continue to develop those features that are not finished yet.

Not to mention, development priority is adjusted on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Development priority can be quite fluid.

the top priority at the moment is with the XBOX that should be clear because money is earned and not in fixing errors.

That’s not what they’re development roadmap is saying. Have you spoken with management to come to that conclusion? While I’m sure there is priority to XBox dev, they have pretty much stuck to the development roadmap that they have been posting since early this year. And many, many bugs have made it into the roadmap.

that is your opinion.
Was it in the roadmap that MSFS should be published in August?

Yes I agree. But it’s all we have just now.

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