Ugh Now issues with the Longitude

Is this a known issue? Flying the Longitude (thought I’d try the jets since I wanted to wait with the issues), and I was about to cruising alt with AP on. Wasn’t using vnav or anything just NAV course following and following my route with no issue. All of a sudden the plane started pitching up and down wildly and yelling stall. Which was odd since I was almost at max speed. I turn off AP and it flies normal, turn on AP and it starts pitching wildly in an up and down pattern. Tried resetting the AP from start and still had the issue. Wasn’t going to hand fly 3 hours so quit. Sigh, maybe I’ll wait another month.

Unless anyone knows what mistake I may have made. I pretty much just used payware business jets on FSX for years so I think I’m pretty familiar with their AP system.

Hi @FlippinFlow, thanks for the report. Would recommend going to the thread linked below and clicking the vote button at the top left. This will bring some more attention to the issue. Also, filling out a Zendesk report is never a bad idea. Since this is a duplicate thread for the one below, I am going to mark this one as closed. Thanks for understanding.