Ugly shadow on water and cockpit

Hy pilot , im simone and write you from italy . i want to ask you if someone have the same problem and if is possible to resolve.

The shadow of the mountain reflex on the water is very very ugly…it’s a group of black point . very bad to see. i dont have photo but i link these picture for understend. the shadow of the tree on water its similar like i see the shadow on water in game.

im not sure, but i think all its start after the november update (same update make ugly pixeled clouds )…

and i have same problem on the cockpit of any plane , for example mb339…

someone have the same problem ??

ps: i run high setting in graphic setting…shadow set is high (not max but nealy)


hy pilot

Those reflections come from could settings (and why you say clouds look bad too). I think others solved this by using TAA.

hy dronkey tnx for your answer .

my volumetric clouds set is high , and if yuo speak about anti aliasing set i just run on TAA sets (it’s higher sets )

My only other guess would be that it could by your GPU settings in the control panel. Try reset them to the defaults.

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