Ugly spiky looking buildings and trees in the distance

I am not sure what the problem is, but I notice that on certain cities such as New York City, Houston, Denver, Seattle, that you can see that they haven’t been fully rendered out in the distance and it looks extremely bad. They seem to slowly load in as you get closer, but at times when I’m close enough my plane has already flew past the buildings, meaning they rendered too late. I have a 100Mbps downstream and my internet speeds are well above the recommended specs. Is there a problem with the servers at Microsoft or Asobo that is causing this?

The problem is not in only the buildings but also I see certain trees out in the distance with pointy triangular tops as well. I really hope this can get sorted out, because flying in areas like Seattle, Houston, NYC, Denver look extremely bad. Either the LOD radius needs to be expanded or it could be a problem on Microsoft & Asobo’s end with their servers.


The spikey buildings are down to your graphical settings and if your CPU is up to the job without it all turning into a slide show. Under the Graphics setting, bump the Building setting up to ultra and see if that fixes your issue.

You could also try setting up a manual cache of the region you are flying to save the game having to stream the data. Again, you can do that from the data tab in the settings, it’s a little hidden at the bottom of that page.

Like this? Yeah, it’s like that everywhere I’m flying. Otherwise super performance, not stutters.

Exactly that, but don’t seem to be that bad, but it’s definitely noticeable. It’s the photogrammetry stuff. I really hope it gets fixed because flying is a total mess when things look like this in the distance.

That looks like a nuke went off.

yup, that’s what all the downtowns look like in my game… everything on ultra or high

Seems like the photogrammetry isn’t working like it should. I hope they fix it in the next update. Cause it’s absolutely beautiful when it works the way it should.

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Personally I find it extremely ugly even when it “works”. Especially in cities with tall glass buildings. Such buildings are rendered with the reflections from the photogrammetry, instead of computing the reflections according to the angle you look at them from. Which makes those reflections look like corrupted textures.

In my opinion it’s better to turn it off. It improves performance, it lowers internet usage, and personally I like the AI generated buildings more.

I haven’t tried setting the manual cache yet I wonder if that will actually help things, do you not get these spikey buildings or trees in the environment then? I’ve personally tried this game on all settings, but while things in this area have improved dramatically recently, I think its more to do with a underlining issue with how the sim is generating the photogrammetry and topography rather then it being anything to do with the CPU.

Go take a good look at Arizona, especially buildings just outside the phoenix airport, see if you can spot any odd stuff going on coz that has been my personal worst hit area for this stuff right now. Most places aren’t that bad. I also think server performance at the time of you rendering the area also impacts this as well.

Manual cache and or rolling cache has no effect whatsoever. I created several regions already and have tested it out. It doesn’t even seem to be accessing the cache. Manual cache is buggy at the moment and offers no noticeable improvements at all. I still see unloaded textures for these photogrammetrical objects such as buildings and trees. I doubt it has anything to do with the CPU. The problem seems to be that it’s somehow not accessing or getting that information streamed fast enough in order to render in time. Could be a server side issue. But who really knows for sure. I hope Asobo/MS gets this sorted out, because the photogrammetry looks nice when it’s working properly.

I just noticed this happening today, it’s been fine otherwise.

I have manually cached the greater Portlandia area in High (its about 20GB worth of data) and I’ve noticed that the buildings and trees still load in slowly and the transition from low LOD to higher LOD is a noticeable pop.