Uh... where's the Thursday Dev Update?

Might be on my end but I don’t see today’s dev update (the weekly Thursday info update)?
Anyone know if it’s just late or what?

Probably they are tied up dealing with the massive CTD issues with the update today.

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Yeah, I don’t mind ofc. Just wondering.

Remember when it was was bad? Yeah, it’s worse now…

Honestly? If liveries hadn’t broken, this would’ve been a great update on my end. Night lighting, water, AA, all improved with minimal FPS loss. I can’t use any of my liveries tho so that’s a bummer. IRIS simulations says MS knows about it so… guess I’ll wait.

Hi everyone.

The weekly news item was not published today as expected.

As you can imagine the Community Team has a lot of work whenever a software update is made available, so I suspect that is the reason why. I have left a message for the Community Managers to see if they are releasing it tomorrow or skipping it this week.

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It does seem pretty popular with some people, wish I could see it. But others are crashing to desktop more, or can’t even load the game. How is this going to work if every patch breaks 50% of the user base.

Hi, what about the release of new airports to the marketplace? I’ve been waiting for the CYVR release from FSDreamTeam to the marketplace for 2 weeks now.

They usually update the marketplace on Thursday with the development update news.

Edit: It’s in the marketplace now! Nice!

CVYR is in the marketplace now.