UI broken and reset user settings - Gaming Services update

I just opened a Zendesk ticket myself. Hopefully, if we inundate them with tickets they will take action. Has anyone received an update on any of the tickets they’ve opened? IMO, this is a showstopper for me. I’m not going to do any workarounds and I’m not going to enter my settings yet one more time to get a flight in. This was sloppy on MS’s part if it turns out to be a Gaming Services issue (which seems to be).


Many thanks for that Workaround @TenPatrol

Was just a few minutes work and fixed it!

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I was hoping they’d take it a bit more seriously since it has been affecting our achievements and profiles. I did a flight from San Fransisco to Honolulu yesterday after implementing TenPatrol’s fix and the 4.5 hour flight wasn’t recorded at all in my logbook. It showed up after the flight showing that I departed AND arrived at San Francisco only with zero flight time and no take-offs or landings.

This is bu1lsh!7!!!

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Please see my post 438 - it seems mine has been categorised as a bug(!). I’ve added to the ticket to advise many believe Gaming Services update is the issue. Maybe I should have added a link to this thread…

Whether it turns out to be the real issue or not, the fact is there is a real problem - and zero communication from either MS or Asobo - even if it was to advise we are barking up the wrong tree, and to clarify matters, is not helpful.

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Yeah, I’ve opened a Zendesk ticket this morning as well, with a link to this thread.
I’m in the same boat as Dav3Ruk, I’m very literate when it comes to diving into advanced features like powershell, regedit etc, but I don’t like messing with stuff if I don’t have to, knowing that there’s potentially a fix, potentially hours away.
I’ve had to go into admin powershell to get a networking service working properly for Forza Horizon 4 and even regedit to get that same game to run after it would just sit on the front end after hitting start.
I don’t want to end up maybe having an issue down the line.

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I second that!
Something is rotten in the State of FS… (finally I’ll have time to read Hamlet :slight_smile: )

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Same here. Thanks for the workaround @TenPatrol. Everything works as it used to; except, I have to reset ALL of the settings in MSFS. What a bother!

One question: When a fix from MS/Asobo finally arrives, how will we know it is there if we have turned automatic updates off? Do we have to keep checking the status via XBox?

Another user with the issue, lost all settings with each game start. NOT GOOD!


I tried the workaround and it worked fine. Thank you.

except your achivements do not come back :frowning:

I too am having problems after the last update. My settings in graphics, assistance, controls were not saved. I had to redo Graphics settings, redo Assistance, redo PROFILES which changed my Baron 58 for a TBM 930 and redo a deletion of a profile.

All of my actions hit either validate, apply and save or both to no avail. The next time I restarted the simulator it was all back at where they set it and it saved none of my inputs.

Now it takes A LONG TIME before I can get into my cockpit, fly and enjoy the simulator.



Thank you so much, fix worked for me

In my case, I really don’t care about my achivements that much. I dont play it keeping score. For me it’s not flight simulators are about but I truly understand who are ■■■■■■.


This is mega irritating, same issue here. FS2020 is pretty much still beta level software with all the bugs it still has. Perhaps we should start a class action lawsuit to get our money back:-) Software vendors should be held accountable for delivering junk. Flood Zendesk with tickets. I can’t log any tickets anymore as they have decided my laptop GTX 960M is below minimum spec.

I think will be more effective to flood social accounts.

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Is the issue annoying? yes
Does it prevent me from flying? no
How long does it take me to the cockpit now? I would say 3 minutes more, each time I start the sim.

Accessibility: click
Graphics: click
Streaming: click
Experience: select Realistic, click
Controls: reload profiles for T.Flight and keyboard.

Enjoy flying!

Annoying, but not such a big deal. There will be a solution soon.

This is true for me but I’m old and choose where I spend my energy.

my2c, Sailando


Lost all settings and custom keys. I spent a great deal of time setting them up; when I put new ones in I loose them all again on a game re-start. Not expectable.


This is very annoying if you are a developer and start the sim 1000 times per day.


You clearly aren’t using custom keys… very narrowminded sir, very…