[UIMOD] I want to introduce my mods to you

Yes it possible.

super usefull, many thanx, great work. :slight_smile: :+1:t2:

Possible for me to do (via some JS editing), or possible for you, by expanding the mod’s functionality?
I tried to remove some of the referenced elements in the Show function, but that didn’t seem to do anything…

@Coppersens hi dude. Your profile is closed and i cant send you PM.
I’m working on all in one package. “One button hide/show everything! (POI/Gates/Hud/Name Plates)” and i separate it from css. You can compatible your mod with my by small modification of your CSS file. PM me if you interest.


You need create mod with inclusion of CSS module. Then put display: none to block what you wanna hide

Great job any progress on toggling on/off waypoints/POIs with a hotkey?

Already done. but there is small trouble. Im testing it now.


I wanted to download the hidden tool tips mod

, but I don’t see that MOD in the release page as it only seems to give you one option which is to download tiny nameplates?

Just updated page. Please check it now.

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Thank you for your great mods! Is it possible to create a mod to hide/display the taxi arrows by pressing a button?

Looks good now, Good Stuff mixMugz

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No. In not possible. Because it’s not part of webUI. Sorry.

@Coppersens, your turn, dude =) Make your mod compatible!

Doesn’t seem to be working or perhaps I don’t know how the MOD works. Alt is not toggling anything. I do have folder in community image

  1. Turn ON Cockpit tooltips
  2. Load in plane. Hold ALT key and hover cursor at any active element of airplane. You will see tooltip. If you release ALT - tooltip will hide.

I’t Done =)


That works thank you, I thought that alt would change the state from on to off. My preference would be to have it work that way rather than having to use two hands to hold down the alt button.

There is a little trick here. If you Alt+Tab from MSFS and then back again. Tips will hold at ON state. Tu turn it off press ALT again :wink:

thanks this is almost perfect now! i hope you will still find a way that the white line at waypoints/POIs disappears faster.

BackSpace is doing absolut nothing, rolling back to the old mod…
Maybee the NoToolbarHandle Mod was the Problem, now Backspace working, testing further…
Edit Edit:
Ist was the NoToolbarHandle, but now i keep the old version of the mod, because i want the NoToolbarHandle Mod, i hate the apearing and disapearing handle in the middle top of the screen, maybee u could implement the NoToolbarHandle Mod into your mod, that would be perfect.
Edit: here is the mod:

Edit: Problem solved, downloaded new Version and then it worked.

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