[UIMOD] I want to introduce my mods to you

Working fine with this mod. I have latest version without JS

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Nice, i did not know that there was a new version, thx a lot. :slight_smile:

I’m planed to rework all mod to exclude core js files and make it as included js files


Done :slight_smile: Just pushed an update v2.1 of mine which is compatible with the new hiddenui mod of yours.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi! I downloaded your UIMOD after seeing it on twotonemurphy. I moved all of the uimod folders into my community directory and they do appear in my Content Manager. I turned on all of the poi switches and the nametags. When flying, all of these show up. When I press the backspace key, they do NOT turn off. Any suggestions to get them to turn off would be appreciated!!! Thanks, and this looks like it will be a really hepful mod!!! – John

Can you show content of Community folder (which mod you installed)?

Yes, uimod-mugz-hiddenui, uimod-mugz-tinyhud, uimod-mugz-tinyplates, uimod-mugz-tinypoi.

Note: the backspace key does not appear assigned to anything in my keyboard controls.

can you write me in discord? You can find link at github page

Will do!!!

Sorry, couldnt find link to discord channel in your github page…

After updating to today’s patch I can confirm that this UIMOD breaks the VFR map. I tested this by removing all my mods and adding them back slowly to determine that it’s this mod that’s breaking it. Anyone else can confirm the same?

Please wait before i update.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Me also…

@CalmEspresso @MSFSRonS



works great now thanks!

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I want you to know that your mod has caused an issue within my sim. First, the only mods in are yours. Secondly, I have put them in service and taken them out several times to repeat the issue. Each time it has been the same. When your mods are included within the community folder they work as stated BUT my vfr map does not work. It does not update nor receive any focus when clicked on. When I take out your mods it works fine.
I like your mods BUT I also use the VFR MAP regularly.

Download the latest version. It’s fixed now.


Always use last version.

Thanks ! I discovered the new version after my post!