[UIMOD] I want to introduce my mods to you

Thank you again for this great mod. Unfortunately, it seems one the core module [uimod]-mugz-hiddenu cause the Sensitivity Windows to be blank* with the sim.update 2 (version Any chance to have it updated ?


  • When the mod is not in the Community folder, the Sensitivity window appears for all my peripherals.

Yeah, same solution here. Good luck with the bug hunt MixMugz! Appreciate it.

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Wait till i update mod


Bit of trial and error and I came across this issue too. Glad it has been reported- your hide UI mod is such an essential for decent gameplay. Can’t thank you enough for creating it and looking forward to the fix @mixMugz!

Mod now updated and compatible with SimUpdate 2


Thanks for the update. :+1:

Great! Thank you very much.

Awesome. A big thank you!

I would like to add the VKB Gladiator NXT joystick to the controllers. I have a 1200 x 1200 image prepared. But how do I find the Device ProductId? I could send you my image if you want to add it.

Look device manager

Awesome, thanks @mixMugz! Works great again :smiley:

Last week I used the most recent version of the mods:

But When disabling the nameplates using F12, the nameplates disappear but then immediately reappear (but not all at once).
Not sure what I’m doing wrong so I wanted to first make sure it’s not a known issue.


Oh. I forgot something changes.
You need change css
Rename --tgl-block, tgl-flex to --igm-block, --igm-flex


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Is it a known bug for the hidden nameplates mod to cause FPS issues? It seems like after hiding the nameplates for a while (15-20 minutes) the game starts to lose frames. Once you unhide the nameplates, the FPS issue fixes itself. Anyone else experiencing this?

didnt see this issue oO.
Flying with hidden UI and no FPS loss. It’s not modify core files, it’s just hide CSS block. Nameplates still exist in game.

Yes but for some reason when I have the nameplates hidden for an extended period of time, the FPS issues become present. It’s fixed immediately by pressing backspace again and unhiding them. This has been a consistent issue for me which is how I was able to nail it down to this mod.

I will check it again, but didnt see this issue with long flights. Can you tell me how many times with hidden nameplates you fly become FPS issue appear?

Hi, first of all, great mod! Makes flying online much better. However, as someone stated above me, i do suffer from fps loss aswell. After 20min the CoherentGTDraw goes up to 300ms leaving me with 3-4 frames. I have not yet tried which mod of the four mods it is but i am most certain i got the issues after installing them

After full day of light, i can’t see any issues with CoherentGTDDraw. Try to remove this mod.

after testing all your mods seperately, i came to the conclusion that it is the tiny name plates.
As soon as i turn off the nameplates Coherent starts to rise into hundreds of miliseconds, until the game eventually crashes. Displaying them again, fixes the issue