[UK ATC] Introduction to ATC


Join us on Saturday 9th October at 1700 Zulu for our Introduction to ATC event!

Ever wanted to become an air traffic controller? We’re hosting a group session giving new controllers the opportunity to learn a bit about controlling on UK ATC. The main idea of the event is to help new air traffic controllers get acquainted with controlling using EuroScope, as well as getting some time in as an air traffic controller!

The session will consist of:

  1. A presentation covering in-depth the ins and outs of EuroScope as well as some theory based elements of air traffic controlling.
  2. 1 to 1 with our trained air traffic controllers, where you will be walked through EuroScope (if you aren’t familiar), and then we will run a Sweatbox (simulated traffic) session with you.
  3. A session report, allowing you to review how your session went so you can improve for next time!

… once the session is over, anyone is welcome to continue their 1 to 1 training to gain an ADC (Aerodrome Controller) rating - in order to control Delivery, and Tower!


  1. EuroScope - Radar Client: EuroScope – EuroScope the VATSIM Radar Scope
  2. UK Controller Pack - for EuroScope: UK Controller Pack - Sector File & Controller Pack - VATSIM UK (get familiar with you chosen training aerodrome, we also have resources available for each.)
  3. LogMeIn Hamachi - to run “Sweatbox” files: https://www.vpn.net/ (we will show you in the session how to set this up)

To attend, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/M4Er6HjfeD