UK simmers where you at?!

The unfortunate owners who get repeated Crashes To Desktop

Ah, of course. Bummer.
My ignorance on the subject will tell you that I am happily [so far] CTD free.

Hope you get it sorted.

I’m thinking of putting together a “coastal tour” of the British Isles and thought I’d check that nobody else had done or started to do something along the same lines or if anyone might be interested in flying it?

I’ll probably be looking at flights that are somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes in duration, although if I stick to the lower end of that scale, peeps could always just skip an airfield or two and fly to the next one. As there won’t necessarily be airports right on the coast, my plan is to fly the coastline and then find a series of airports that might be a little inland.

When I’ve done it, I’ll put the route into a spreadsheet and will post it here for any that might be interested.


Sounds good.

A format that allows one to join the flight plan ‘loop’ at their local airport would be useful.
Mine happens to be EGCC - Manchester or EGCB - Barton [nearby].


Oh go on then.

We can say that the upper Mersey is a coastal estuary and I know from living in Heald Green in the past, the Mersey isn’t far away. :slight_smile:

I’ve just finished the first cut and you’ll find the .csv at:-

I’m going to do the route in one of the small single-engined aircraft, probably one of the C152s and as there are a few grass runways included, you might want to make some amendments, and maybe miss out some legs if you want to use anything much bigger.

Please don’t take the durations and distances too seriously unless you are just going to fly in a direct line from the start to the destination. I’m planning on going from the start airport to the coast and moving along it until the latest time to turn inland for the destination. Sorry I didn’t have the patience to do a full job on the flight times and distances, but you should at least have enough fuel and should be able to tell how much longer you’ll need if you do the strict coastal route.

You can start on whichever leg you wish and just start at the top, when you get to the bottom.

It is just a first cut, so please feel free to amend it for yourself or suggest changes if you think it’d be good to keep a master copy.

I’m going to give it a go now and will make changes if it becomes obvious that any leg, for whatever reason, was a bad idea.

Edit: Just updated the route, to add Bridlington between Brough and Durham and to add a tour of the Shetland Islands.


Total newb in Worthing, West Sussex. Flying out of Shoreham EGKA

Welcome aboard.

As the gods would have it, Shoreham is on the coastal route, i’ve just posted.

I’ve just done my first leg and although the scenery might have been better, particularly the Humber Bridge, which looked a bit sad, the real weather was awesome. Got a nice amount of buffeting and the rather misty/drab sky, was transformed as i was going up the Humber Estuary, by the sun “burning” through.

I’m not that far away and it looked pretty similar here.

Hi Guys

UK simmer from Manchester would love to fly online ad me on Xbox IMZ2K20 :slight_smile:

Londoner here, tend to fly out of Biggin Hill.

I’m currently flying low ‘n’ slow in tail traggers (and GA) from farm strips and minor airfields (e.g. Compton Abbas, Old Sarum, Popham etc etc) in the Wessex and Cotswolds regions. Looking for others to share the journey :wink:

I’m likely to move onto Scottish Highlands at some point.

I’ll also transition to 1) classic British fast jets from military airfields; and 2) UK helicopters over SPTA, when any of these eventually become available. I’m a regular at :wink:


I will add you I fly there regularly . Did a flight from there to southampton yesterday in C152 it was epic .



Added on xbox

Like Brentwood? xD

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Stowmarket, Suffolk. You can find me pottering around in a single prop mostly. Currently using FSEconomy to add some purpose to my flights.

Good to see another local simmer. I’m from Stowmarket!

Shame Bury Catherdral isn’t right in the sim but I’m sure it’ll get fixed at some point (I’m even looking at spending some time modelling Bury myself)

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Norwich checking in!

Checking in from EGBP aka Kemble Airfield :+1:t2:

In Essex here. I’ve done a few flights out of Southend and elsewhere! Happy to join some online flying if anyone is up for it.


Same here! What’s your name on there and I will add you