UK Update Bridges

I can’t see any Severn Bridges in the update, is that correct?

Nope, they are there although you have to be pretty low before they appear. They are basic aswell but I don’t really know what they look like in real life!

Just checked and they don’t seem to have made any effort to make them match the real thing

There is a free addon for the two bridges over at if you want them. I’ve had them since the day I installed MSFS. There is lots of outstanding freeware over there and hardly a day goes by that I don’t download something (I must have downloaded over 100 and I’ve only had to discard one). Superspud has done a great (free) Cardiff airport if you’re flying in that area and I bought the UK2000 Bristol Airport too.

They are there,however they look more like military pontoon bridges, and they are too far south to be correct,pity that they don’t look anything like a road bridge.

Whats up with the lazy scenery makers of this game! There are like 3 bridges that are decent in the downtown area in London and the rest are ■■■■. They don’t connect to either side of the river, really?!?!
Can you pleae fix this. WE spent our money because we wanted an improvement not more disappointment. Do you guys even look at your work?

World Update 3 was free though, you didn’t spend any extra money on that.

The base game is using AI to autogenerate the world. This was known from the start.
Also, I’m pretty sure that after WU3 there are a lot of handcrafted bridges in London, a lot more than 3 (which again, were free, so not sure what you’re complaining about).

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