UK Update STILL has fake bridges!

After MANUALLY adding the UK update, the Humber Bridge is finally there but so is a ‘road’ spanning the estuary that doesn’t exist in real life:

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?


I’m missing Hammersmith bridge even it is close now. FSX has a realy nice one!

The Tyne bridges in Newcastle are there but only just. Very disappointed. The northeast coast is also very poorly represented. St Marys lighthouse a major landmark for inbound air traffic to Newcastle airport is missing completely.

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It also has cars in the water underneath the main span

How did you get the Humber Bridge to appear? I got the updates and downloaded the 4 gig extra file from the Market place but the bridge still has no towers?


So, in Asobo’s ‘infinite wisdom’ you not only have to update MSFS (automatic), but then go into the marketplace and download the UK World Update (manually). Restart and it’s there (as my image shows) but they still haven’t fixed the shadows seen from the satellite that causes a fake road / bridge to appear.

I’ve just reinstalled it and its brought back the Humberbridge now and lots of other POI. Would have been nice to have had an error message fisrt time it updated to let me know it had only installed a few POI’s and not the complete set.